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Overview of HIPAA and HITECH Data Security Requirements

Secure Electronic Medical Record Software

Secure EMR Features

MicroMD Electronic Medical Record software helps practices and health centers eliminate paper, improve clinical productivity and enhance care, all while keeping sensitive patient information safe. These security features become part of the EMR software and cannot be increased or decreased as easily as our PM security features. Here are the features your practice can take advantage of while utilizing MicroMD EMR:

  • Password strength and reset requirements: Determine how strong a user password needs to be and how often it is required to be reset. While it may be time consuming for employees, the more you require passwords to contain (i.e. Mixed-case letters, numbers, special characters) and the more often you require passwords to be changed, the more secure your patient data will be. Tips for creating a strong password.
  • Lock feature: Limit the number of failed log-in attempts a user can make before being shut out of the system. Once a user is shut out of the system only an administrator can grant them access back in.
  • Create user-roles to limit access: Defining an employee’s role in using the software can help determine how much information they need to access in the EMR. For instance, an Office Manager may not require access into the section containing a patient’s medical history. Practices can also choose to lock specific users out of medical charts.
  • System audit logs: MicroMD EMR maintains extremely detailed audit trails. Our system can essentially track every single click a user makes within the system, starting from the time they log-in to the time they log-out. MicroMD EMR audit reports can even tell you what computer a user accessed the system from. These detailed reports may serve as crucial evidence if records were ever tampered with or the system was ever breached.

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