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Practice Management

Affordable Medical Practice Management Software

User-friendly MicroMD PM has alleviated the stress many healthcare practitioners feel when converting to a new medical practice management software system, with features including:

  • Data conversion (especially for medical & surgical specialties)
  • System configuration and installation
  • Employee software training and upgrading

MicroMD PM Delivers a Faster ROI

Customers recognize improved staff productivity; improvement in medical practice efficiency and overall effectiveness; increases in scheduling and collections support; plus enhanced patient safety and satisfaction. The end result is a much faster return on investment over other medical practice management software systems.

MicroMD PM Features

MicroMD PM by Henry Schein Medical Systems is an award-winning, scalable, easy-to-use, Microsoft® Windows-based medical practice management software system featuring:

  1. Client/server technology for faster performance
  2. Easy integration with Microsoft Excel and other Office applications
  3. Electronic billing support
  4. Appointment scheduling integration
  5. Reporting capabilities for accounts receivable (AR) aging

MicroMD PM Benefits

MicroMD PM provides immediate detailed financial reports and claim rejection reports, as well as electronic billing, eliminating the need for expensive billing services.

It is a robust yet adaptable system that can meet all your current and future medical or surgical practice management requirements. It can save you time and money and is very affordable when compared to other medical practice management software programs.

Affordability and scalability are not the only benefits of this powerful medical practice management software system. Other benefits include:

Ease of UseFaster Claims Billing

Scheduling Ease

Accurate Billing

Improved Reporting

Improved Collections

Efficient Patient Registration

Enhanced Reporting

Improved Staff Productivity

Reduced Operating Costs

In-House Billing

Custom Patient Record Keeping Options

Faster Payment Posting

Improved Patient Service

Greater Patient Satisfaction

Efficient Patient Scheduling

Improved AR Management & Collections

This medical practice management software system also has an open architecture, allowing you to interface easily with third-party services including Microsoft Excel, Word and Access, plus EMR systems, payers, laboratories, and data management systems.

Medical Practice Management Software with Proven Versatility

MicroMD PM from Henry Schein Medical Systems is an extremely versatile medical practice management software system and is the preferred medical practice management system of practitioners in over 42 different medical and surgical specialties.

It is currently being utilized by thousands of medical and surgical practitioners across the United States including multi-specialty groups, billing services, Community Health Centers (CHC) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), among others.

Henry Schein Medical Systems also offers MicroMD Mobile, a portable medical practice management software solution. Using a pocket PC you can now access the most essential MicroMD PM features, such as patient information, at any time, from anywhere.

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Visit our MicroMD Solutions page for more information on all MicroMD products includingMicroMD PM- Medical Practice Management, MicroMD EMR – Electronic Medical Records software, and MicroMD DMS – Document Management Systems.

To inquire about MicroMD EMR software by Henry Schein, North America’s largest distributor of healthcare products and healthcare services to office-based practitioners, please call Toll Free at 1-800-624-8832.

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