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Practice Management

Medical Billing Software System

MicroMD® PM is a practice management and medical billing software system ideally suited for medical offices, including medical and surgical specialty practices.

Medical practice billing is an integral part of this robust medical practice management software system, reducing costly human errors and enabling medical practices to maximize profitability.

The MicroMD PM medical billing system handles:

  • Patient billing
  • Accurate billing of insurance companies, including secondary and tertiary insurances
  • Recording payments received (monitoring accounts receivable)
  • Bill tracking and automatic re-billing for unpaid bills

Benefits of Automated Medical Billing Software

Medical practices no longer need to execute billing procedures by hand—a process that is time-consuming and prone to human error.

Incorrect bills mean resubmitting claims, a time-consuming and costly procedure when communicating with many different insurance carriers.

With user-friendly MicroMD PM, medical billing has been streamlined. Since billing codes are part of the system, insurance coding errors and costly human errors are minimized and claim re-submissions due to these errors are practically eliminated.

And because the medical billing system allows for multiple users, billing concerns can be handled efficiently and promptly at the source. In addition, billing and tracking are done electronically so less paper is needed.

Accurate, automated medical practice billing is one of the main reasons MicroMD software consistently helps medical practitioners manage costs and grow their practices with improved financial management, efficiency and effectiveness while delivering higher-quality health care.

With computer-generated records and secure virtual record keeping, patient information, history and vital records can easily be accessed at any time by all medical staff, eliminating the need for physical storage of patient records and effectively eliminating the incidence of lost or misplaced patient files and records.

Industry Recognition

This reliable medical practice billing system is one of the primary reasons MicroMD software succeeds in garnering top-level ratings in user surveys year after year.

In June 2007’s KLAS Mid-Year Top 20 Report, MicroMD ranked second in the Ambulatory Billing and Scheduling category of practices with one to five physicians. And in eight of the last nine years, the software has ranked in the top 5.

In addition, the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management rates MicroMD software #1 in user satisfaction.

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