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e-Prescribing – Electronic Prescribing Software Systems

Rather than writing out a prescription, electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) software systems allow medical practitioners in every size of practice to electronically transfer patient prescription information (electronic prescriptions) to pharmacies.

Adoption of e-prescribing offers many great benefits to both patients and physicians:

  • Electronic prescription writing means legible prescriptions and fewer errors or adverse drug events for overall improved patient safety.
  • With electronic prescribing, medications are cross-referenced and checked automatically to avoid harmful combinations.
  • Call backs to clarify inconsistencies, incorrect dosages and renewals are virtually eliminated for improved efficiency.
  • Prescriptions are filled quicker by the patient’s pharmacy of choice, meaning improved patient satisfaction.
  • Physicians who e-prescribe have improved access to data and clinical decision support.
  • Patient adherence to prescribed medicines also improves.
  • Patients see a reduction in health care costs as practitioners reduce claim losses.

With e-prescribing systems, prescription medications are managed directly and more efficiently so everyone benefits: patient, physician, pharmacies and even health care plans.

Prescription Writing – Old Versus New

The inefficient method of “hand-writing” prescription medications has always been prone to error at any stage of the process. Traditional prescription writing involves:

  • Choosing the medication
  • Checking for patient allergies & harmful drug combinations
  • Checking formulary
  • Handwriting the prescription
  • And depending on the patient to deliver the prescription to the pharmacy

MicroMD EMR and EMR Easy have streamlined much of this process. Electronic prescription writing automatically checks for patient allergies, and harmful drug combinations, all eliminating errors.

MicroMD e-prescribing solutions allow physicians to build and maintain an accurate history of patient medications.

Enhance the efficiency and safety of your prescribing process while improving formulary adherence, accuracy, and the appropriateness of medications prescribed.

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