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Transcribed Video | MicroMD PM Functionality

MicroMD PM Functionality

Narrator: With 30 years in the practice management software business, MicroMD PM is a proven comprehensive PM system that is a fit for every specialty. MicroMD PM serves thousands of physicians in organizations ranging from solo practitioners and large specialty groups with multiple locations to MSOs and billing services. Our PM software is the affordable, practical choice that’s easy for staff to learn and scalable enough to support changing practice needs.

Coleen Grope: Well I’ve been a consultant for about 25 years, and I’ve used many, many products. But the nice thing about MicroMD is that it is flexible. It’s easy to train new employees and new practices to use it. It’s very flexible to their needs, and when you have new employees, it’s easy for them to pick it up.

Narrator: MicroMD PM scheduling is intuitive and customizable. Simply click to open an available time slot, search for the patient, select the appointment type, and accept. Users can set up their own time slots, multiple location schedules for an individual provider, color code appointment types and view daily and weekly schedules by provider. MicroMD PM seamlessly receives billing codes from the EMR to automate charge posting. Simply click to run the pending charges, select the charges to post, or drill down into charges to review before posting.

Charges are posted to individual patient accounts with clear balance indicators. Then users can view and print posted charge reports. MicroMD PM’s reporting is robust and interactive. Use the reporting to monitor key financial metrics, including Accounts Receivable. The Patient Aging Report gives users the ability to choose from a host of options that not only allows for an at-a-glance view of outstanding patient balances, but also gives users the flexibility to drill down into an individual patient account or even down to individual payments.

Coleen Grope: I would recommend MicroMD simply because over the 25 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve used many, many products, and I have found MicroMD to be easy to implement. They have the best support of any of the practice management softwares that I have used. I can call with any problem, and someone is always there to help me. It is the best product that we have ever used.

Narrator: To learn more about our comprehensive PM software, contact us at 800-624-8832 or visit us at to request a free demo of our PM software.

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