Imagining the New Normal

The “new normal” places an emphasis on providing the right care, at the optimal time, within the appropriate care setting to deliver patient centric care focused on safety and improved patient outcomes.

New technological tools may be necessary to continue to deliver optimal patient-centric care safely and efficiently…

Foundational HIT Systems

MicroMD’s PM and EMR solutions are the foundational HIT solutions your practice needs to house other technology tools, streamline processes, and secure patient data.

Practice Marketing

Enhance your digital front door with SEO geared initiatives, website design, email marketing, reputation management, and more.

Digital Patient Intake

Automate the patient intake process from scheduling, through registration, and check-in to reduce patient intake bottleneck.

Telehealth Virtual Visits

Provide patient appointments anytime, anywhere with web-based video virtual visits for triage, care coordination, CCM, and more.

Clinical Decision Support

With CDS tools, patient-specific information is at your fingertips to enhance patient care and decrease medical errors.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enable your practice to collect patient-generated health data (PGHD) and provide a clearer picture of a patient’s overall health.

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