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Healthcare Analytics

DashboardMD integrates with MicroMD PM

About DashboardMD

In partnership with MicroMD, DashboardMD integrates with MicroMD Practice Management (PM) software to extract key financial and claims data to do your number crunching behind the scenes.

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Drive Performance with Intelligent Reporting

  • Plug and Play Enterprise Business Intelligence Reporting Suite
  • Turnkey Performance Management Model
  • Daily Interactive and Customizable Dashboards
  • Fully Integrated Ad Hoc Analysis Tools
  • Scheduled Reports pushed via Email
  • Enterprise Rollup including multiple PM systems
  • Cloud Hosted SaaS Solution

Turnkey Performance Management with Daily Dashboards
Data you can act on before the end of the month!

How soon would you know?

  • Collections are projected to be below expectations?
  • Visit volumes from a top referral source or revenue category are changing significantly?
  • Days in A/R, Days to Collect or your Net Collection Rates were changing significantly for a top payer
    or financial class?
  • Front Office Collections were changing significantly for a particular location?
  • A provider’s coding levels have changed dramatically?

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We have the solution:

Daily Dashboards complete with powerful ‘drill-through’ analysis, offer a cumulative performance snapshot of the entire revenue cycle using intuitive status indicators. They provide the overall view management needs to identify the current month’s projections, trends, variance against goals and opportunities.

Why dashboardMD?

dashboardMD focuses solely on the healthcare data model and is the only turnkey Business Intelligence reporting solution which includes ALL of the following on day one:

  • Daily Automatic Data Processing
  • Fully integrated Ad Hoc tool for on-the-fly analysis
  • Customizable dashboards with hundreds of widgets to choose from
  • User defined automated push reports
  • User defined alerts system
  • User defined data groupings
  • Web browser based access from anywhere with nothing to install
  • Hundreds of pre-defined metrics
  • BPM framework provides benchmarking and user defined goals
  • Enterprise roll up capabilities including multiple PM systems
  • Turnkey and Optimized Data Warehouse with historical data
  • Cloud hosted SaaS solution is zero burden on IT department

Contact our solution specialist to schedule a demo/discovery meeting

Call: 877-289-2311