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MicroMD EPCS Gold enables prescribers to legally write prescriptions for Schedule II through V drugs to retail or mail order pharmacies electronically, easily, and seamlessly within their normal MicroMD eRx workflow. EPCS will help prescribers reduce drug abuse, drug diversion, and “doctor shopping.” This makes prescribing more cost-effective, efficient, and safe, as well as advances patient medication adherence, increases convenience for your patients, minimizes DEA number exposure, and reduces potential prescription errors. And, by transmitting electronically, there are no more paper prescription pads to purchase, nor will you need to worry about prescriptions being stolen, altered, or forged.

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A Powerful, Certified, Secure EPCS Framework

MicroMD EPCS Gold features DrFirst’s EPCS Gold robust DEA certified framework integrated with the secure, reliable Surescripts eRx transmission network. Prescribers can rest assured that using this powerful combination, integrated directly into the MicroMD eRx workflow, will assist them in meeting both Federal and varying state requirements for EPCS – all while not having to leave your EMR software. EPCS Gold is the first and foremost Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)- and Surescriptscertified solution for e-prescribing controlled substances and offers the most advanced controlled substance e-prescribing capability in the market.

EPCS Features

  • DrFirst best-in-class DEA certified EPCS functionality
  • Uses reliable Surescripts prescription transmission and routing
  • Full integrated into the MicroMD EMR eRx workflow
  • Simple online registration process throught DrFrist EPCS website
  • EPCS Dashboard access from MicroMD EMR allows prescribers to manage their EPCS account and view prescription stauses

DEA-compliant Security Features

  • Complies with DEA, NIST and Surescripts certification requirements
  • Identity Proofing completed by trusted 3rd part Experian
  • Two-factor Authentication (TFA) of prescriber at point-of-prescribing (NPI number, Symantec OTP PIN, and passphrase)
  • Logical Access Controls (LAC) allows practices to authorize prescribers as approved to prescribe controlled substances on behalf of their practice
  • Management audit reports

DEA EPCS Approval + Intent

In 2010 the DEA issued an interim final rule allowing EPCS with the primary objective of reducing the potential for diversion, and subsequent abuse, of controlled substances. EPCS assists in helping with these objectives by:

  • Reducing the risk of altered, stolen, or fraudulent prescriptions
  • Minimizing the exposure of a prescriber’s DEA number
  • Features NIST-approved FIPS 140-2 security certification
  • Improving patient satisfaction and safety
  • Multi-location, redundant backup ensures data is recoverable
  • Increasing e-Prescribing utilization to help meet Meaningful Use requirements
  • Boosting prescriber satisfaction
  • Limiting instances of prescription errors and inaccuracies

What is an OTP token?

An OTP (On Time PIN) token (hard or soft) is a required piece of the prescribers’ EPCS credentials used in combination with their NPI number and established signing Passphrase to securely authenticate prescribers during EPCS registration, EPCS Dashboard account access and at the point-of-prescribing controlled substances. A hard OTP token is a physical device, about the size of a USB drive, with a button that the user pushes to generate the unique PIN. Each time the button is pushed, a new, unique PIN is generated and shown in the token window for the prescriber to enter where appropriate. A soft OTP token essentially works the same way, although it is a downloaded app that can be used on devices to generate a unique PIN.

While prescribers may start their registration process using a downloaded Symantec VIP Access soft token, every prescriber will be issued a hard token to register with their EPCS account. The hard token can be used for prescriber Logical Access Control (LAC) activation during registration, as well as serve as the main or backup OTP method.

Systematic VIP Access Soft Token App Sample

Hard Token Sample