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MicroMD ePayments Powered by Vantiv


Features Added to MicroMD ePayments

Improve you cash-flow and reduce your liability all while offering your patients the latest payment options.


EMV Chip Cards

Accept the new EMV chip credit and debit cards
Reduce your card fraud liability


Contactless Payments

Accept the new generation of payments, like ApplePay® and Google Wallet®


Card on File

Safely and securely stores card information for patients that are billed on a recurring basis



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MicroMD ePayments powered by Vantiv

MicroMD has partnered with Vantiv, one of North America’s largest payment processors, to offer two new integrated payment processing solutions that make it more convenient, safer and affordable to accept patient credit and debit card payments than ever before.

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About Vantiv

Vantiv is making payments smarter, faster and easier for their partners and consumers they serve.  Vantiv is leading the transformation in payments through chip-enabled devices and technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.  In 2017, Vantiv became the largest payment processor in the U.S, with the vision of simplifying payments innovation, enabling commerce and helping customers and partners grow and thrive.

MicroMD ePayments Features

Integration with MicroMD PM

Vantiv allows you to process patient credit and debit card payments directly through MicroMD PM, eliminating the need for a traditional stand-alone card terminal and dedicated phone line.

Autoposting patient payments

Vantiv’s payment processing is integrated with MicroMD PM so that payment information can automatically be posted to the system and be available in patient accounts and ledgers.

Combine with MicroMD eStatements

Vantiv’s payment processing services have been integrated into MicroMD eStatements, an online statement presentment and bill pay tool enabling your patients to pay their medical bills online anytime, quickly and securely. Click here to learn more about eStatements.

Fast and protected transaction processing

An all-in-one PIN pad, the iPP320 supports both EMV and contactless payments. The integrated all-in-one PIN pad encrypts cardholder data before it reaches MicroMD to help protect patient account information and features a high performance EMV smart card reader, allowing for fast and highly protected transactions, as well as a smooth transition to EMV acceptance for your practice, and your patients.