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TSI (formerly Transworld Systems) integrates with MicroMD software

Medical Collections

Collection Services

TSI collection services is integrated with MicroMD to bring healthcare organizations better tools to manage their accounts receivable and increase cash flow.

Built-in MicroMD integration works with all TSI cash flow management services including:

  • Accelerator – Frequent friendly reminder service accelerates patient responses
  • Profit Recovery – Pre-Collections – recover more and maintain your relationship
  • Medical Collections – For those tougher accounts

What can the TSI/MicroMD partnership do for you?

  • Increase your cash flow
  • Create an automated workflow within your MicroMD software for your outstanding self-pay accounts
  • Reduce overhead costs of collections
  • Eliminate the need to fax or mail documents to a collection agency
  • Provide you with clear and concise reporting available online 24/7

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Or contact Karen Cooper, MBA
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