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Web Based EMR Software & Client Server Systems

Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Records Solutions

EMR software or Electronic Medical Records software where medical administrative, billing and patient records are managed in digital format.

EMR software can be implemented in one of two ways, either on a chief computer server, which is client based, or hosted elsewhere with an Application Service Provider (ASP) and accessible through secure web access.

In either case the EMR software coordinates with other devices, including laptops, standalone computers and portable information sharing devices. MD professionals and medical staff can then utilize these devices to take advantage of workflow benefits that help both medical personnel and patients.

Here we will take a brief look at the difference between client based EMR software and web based EMR software and how they relate to today’s healthcare services where revenues are increasingly influenced by available technologies.

Client Based EMR Software

Each medical clinic or office based medical practice operates differently and has unique strengths and weaknesses. Choosing which EMR software solution is best for your practice requires some knowledge and understanding of expectations and available options.

For many medical practices ownership of the EMR software may be an important consideration.

The initial cost of purchasing EMR software, plus EMR software training, applicable hardware and of course ongoing system support can usually be offset if the practice can demonstrate Meaningful Use of EMR and qualify for incentive reimbursements.

Smaller clinics and office based medical practices may not always have the staffing capabilities or the IT infrastructure to warrant a client based EMR software solution however.

Thankfully, web based EMR software is a viable and affordable alternative.

Web Based EMR Software

Hosted, or “web based”, EMR software offers an affordable, secure and viable solution for many small to medium sized medical practices who have limited resources and, understandably, tighter budgets.

For one, the up front costs for implementing EMR software are much more cost effective and “cash-flow” friendly, without compromising EMR functionality or interoperability.

Through a secure, high-speed Internet connection, medical professionals and practices that implement web based EMR can gain 24/7 secure online access to EMR software that has the same level of functionality as that used by larger practices.

Web based EMR software will also enable you to realize a much quicker return on investment (ROI) since you don’t have to worry about the costly IT support, in-house server maintenance, or the need for ongoing data backup.

This would all be done for you as part of MicroMD’s web based EMR service where we host all your data on our servers and free you from staffing and the financial burden of IT support.

MicroMD Hosted EMR Software

MicroMD’s certified client server and web based EMR software solutions are scalable and designed to grow with your practice.

With web hosted EMR software we offer full training and support and the highest degree of security for online transactions. Your stored data will always be securely protected behind the best firewalls on our highly secure servers.

Let us show you how you can maximize the use of web hosted EMR software.

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Henry Schein Medical Systems possesses over 75 years of experience providing the medical industry with medical solutions that are trusted worldwide.

As a subsidiary of Henry Schein Inc., Henry Schein Medical Systems/ MicroMD produces the most effective PM and EMR software solutions within the medical field including a certified client based or web based EMR Software Solution.

For more information about our MicroMD EMR systems or about purchasing EMR software or acquiring web based EMR software, please call us Toll Free at 1-800-624-8832 or contact our EMR Sales department.

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