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Electronic Medical Records Outcomes Research and Reporting | MicroMD

Electronic Medical Records Outcomes Research and Reporting

MicroMD EMR gives you perspective on your practice. Using MicroMD EMR’s many standard reports or its easily-customized queries, you can analyze trends related to any discrete data element of patient care.


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MicroMD EMR saves your frequently accessed reports for quick retrieval in the future. And multiple reports can be assigned to queries that users can run with a few simple clicks.

Disease Management and Pay-For-Performance (P4P)

MicroMD EMR outcomes reporting lets your practice identify patients with key clinical indicators in common. This tool will enable your practice to increase compliance by identifying patients who have not received recommended services.

MicroMD EMR’s flexible Mail Merge feature allows you to recall patients to receive needed care, advance new treatments, change medications or devices based on manufacturer recommendations or recalls, and more. This feature also enables you to review all of the charts in your practice instantaneously.

Through simple setup routines, MicroMD EMR can support your practice’s P4P requirements. By utilizing MicroMD EMR’s Health Maintenance, Disease Management and Outcomes Reporting features, you can track and increase your patient compliance ratios.

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