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CMS EHR Certification ID – Incentive Program Registration & Attestation | MicroMD

Your MicroMD EMR CMS EHR Certification ID

For CMS EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation

MicroMD EMR software maintains certification for all of its software versions to allow Eligible Professionals (EPs) to secure CMS EHR Incentive reimbursement through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. EPs that are currently using 2015 Cures Update MicroMD EMR software that are registering or attesting for CMS EHR Incentives will need to provide the “CMS EHR Certification ID” number(s) below (generated from the Certified Health IT Product List based on a software version).

PLEASE NOTE: That the CMS EHR Certification ID required for registration or attestation varies by MicroMD EMR software version. As new software versions are released, we continue to certify each software version. Each software version receives its own listing on the HHS Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL), as well as its own CMS EHR Certification ID. It will be important to verify which certified version(s) of the MicroMD EMR software (or combination of software versions) you’re using (or used) to generate the appropriate certification number.

Please review the instructions below to select the correct CMS EHR Certification ID based on the version(s) of MicroMD EMR software you used to achieve QPP incentives. If you have any questions on how to select the appropriate Certification ID or to identify which version(s) of the MicroMD software you used, please contact MicroMD Client Support, Phone: 330-758-8832 or E-mail:


Attesting for 2023 with MicroMD EMR 19.0 or higher

Will use a Certification ID for the version(s) of MicroMD EMR software the EP used to achieve QPP incentives in 2023.

  • MicroMD EMR Version 20.0 Only: 0015CD1X7DDX28E
  • MicroMD EMR Version 19.0 Only: 0015C3PC9C1252Z

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