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Meaningful Use Attestation FAQ

Meaningful Use Attestation FAQ

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What is attestation for the CMS EHR Incentive Program?

Attestation is the part of the process to secure CMS EHR Incentive Program reimbursements that requires providers to prove (attest to) that they are meaningfully using a certified EMR. Both the CMS Medicare and Medicaid programs will require attestation through the CMS website and the state Medicaid program for which the provider registered may have additional requirements. Attestation is a combination of the provider self-proclamation and reporting from the EMR to prove the consistent meaningful use to achieve the core and menu set meaningful use requirements. Attestation occurs through the CMS EHR Incentive Program website.

Medicare and Medicaid CMS EHR Incentive Program attestation requirements may vary

Each program varies in attestation requirements; essentially, how the provider proves meaningful use of a certified EMR. Providers should do their due diligence to know what will be required so that they are prepared to attest as soon as possible after 90 days of consecutive meaningful use in the first year in which the provider is interested in securing reimbursement or avoiding penalty adjustments. The attestation phase of the CMS EHR Incentive Program is also completed through the CMS website, although each state Medicaid organization may require submission of additional information to them directly. Providers should verify this with their state Medicaid organization.

Do I need to complete my 90 consecutive days of meaningful use in the same calendar year?

Yes. For the first Medicare payment year and the second Medicaid payment year, in order to secure payment in a given calendar year, EPs would need to complete their 90 days of consecutive meaningful use of a certified EMR in the same year in which the first payment is desired. EPs may not overlap calendar years to secure the payment or avoidance of penalties.

Can Eligible Professionals in the same practice attest to meaningful use at different times?

Yes. Different EPs may start their programs at different times during the year, or even in different years.

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