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Electronic Medical Records Implementation

Managing EMR Implementation

Medical and health care professionals need to have all the advantages of implementing Electronic Medical Records Software in their clinics and primary care organizations.

The key to implementing an EMR and securing these meaningful use benefits for a small family practice or large medical facility is to have a solid implementation plan in place.

This plan should begin with the selection of a solid service provider, and conclude with ongoing post EMR implementation management and system refinements.

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The Steps to a Successful EMR Implementation

Benefits of Implementing an EMR System

Though the implementation of an EMR system involves a transition process from the practice of old to new methods, the outcomes of a successful implementation can be revolutionary to how business is conducted within the medical practice environment.

The improved efficiency, speed and accuracy of performing tasks along with the immediate availability of charts and lowered operational costs all make implementing an electronic medical records system an invaluable investment.

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Henry Schein Medical Systems has over 75 years of experience supplying the medical industry with services and solutions that are trusted worldwide.

MicroMD continues under the banner of the Henry Schein name, providing the most innovative Practice Management Solutions and EMR software services for the medical practice industry.

MicroMD EMR incorporates all the benefits mentioned to provide your practice with a successful electronic medical records implementation.

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