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EMR System

EMR System

Keeping digital records with an EMR solution can significantly reduce the amount of storage necessary for paper-based records plus electronic medical record systems are proven to dramatically improve efficiency.

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Another major benefit of the MicroMD EMR System is that it is designed to complement the MicroMD Practice Management software system and to interface with mobile devices.

The MicroMD Electronic Health Record (EMR) Software was specifically created to fully accommodate all aspects of clinical workflow, including storage, retrieval and modification of digital patient records plus prescription writing, clinical annotation, ordering laboratory and imaging tests and viewing test results.

In terms of electronic health record, emr software, and interoperability for patient record sharing between physicians, hospitals and pharmacies, MicroMD offers a very mature EMR solution.

Talk to a MicroMD Electronic Medical Records Software sales representative about available electronic medical record systems;

  • Medical Practice EMR
  • Surgical Practice EMR
  • EMR for Medical and Surgical Specialty Practices
  • CHC EMR software
  • FQHC EMR system

Meaningful Use, Stimulus Grants & the EMR System

To qualify for EMR Stimulus Incentives for early EMR adoption and implementation, physicians must demonstrate that their electronic health record, emr software, is fully operational and meets “Meaningful Use” requirements, including interoperability with other systems, e-Prescribing and essential reporting.

Stimulus Grant incentive payments can be up to a maximum of $44,000 over a 5 year period and physicians have until 2015 to meet “Meaningful Use” requirements or risk facing penalties.

MicroMD’s affordable CCHIT certified EMR software is at the forefront of this new era of patient records automation, helping physicians to increase revenues and improve efficiency and patient care while cutting costs.

If you are an office based physician re-evaluating your existing EMR system or looking to acquire your first EMR to help you achieve “Meaningful Use”, then talk to us first.

Specialty Driven EMR System Templates

Physician expectations of an EMR program are high. MicroMD’s EMR solution has been utilized by many specialty practices including;

Key Capabilities of this MicroMD EMR System

Along with patient data and health information management there are many benefits of an EMR solution from MicroMD. Our EMR software offers a full suite of powerful features for results management, decision support and streamlining administrative processes.

Customizable Clinical Documentation
Easily set your own personal preferences

E&M Coding
Generate accurate codes to maximize reimbursement

Streamline prescriptions and refills and eliminate pharmacy call-backs

Patient Support, Alerts and Health Maintenance Reminders
Maintain a high level of compliance

Image Management and Annotation
Mark-up and save diagnostic and anatomical images

Task Management
Streamline routine tasks – EMRs helps you manage your workload

Clinical Dashboard
View your patient’s most pertinent clinical data

Physician Ordering
Order and track delivery right from your desktop

Specialty-Driven EMR Templates
Lets you customize your electronic medical record system

Outcomes Reporting
Utilize standard and customizable reporting to analyze trends

Device Connectivity
Interface with digital cardiopulmonary and vital signs monitoring devices

Open Architecture Systems Integration and Interoperability
Accommodates many third party systems

The MicroMD EMR system also includes charting templates that integrate flawlessly with the MicroMD practice management system.

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With MicroMD EMR software, medical and surgical physicians experience an advanced level of efficiency and productivity, thus improving their profitability and their bottom line.

MicroMD is a division of Henry Schein, the world’s largest distributor of healthcare products, healthcare services and medical supplies to office-based practitioners.

For more information about our MicroMD EMR solution please call us Toll Free at 1-800-624-8832 or Contact our EMR System Sales Department.

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