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Clinical EMR Dashboards | MicroMD

EMR Dashboards

Easily & Quickly Pull Patient Data

Through the clinical EMR dashboards, MicroMD EMR quickly pulls together the specific data the physician wants to see relating to a given patient’s particular condition or health status.

At a glance, a provider can quickly view the most pertinent details for an annual check-up, an asthma patient visit, a wrist injury, a diabetic consultation or any other clinical scenario. Each physician user can create multiple templates with customized views for quick clinical data review.

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View Your Patient’s Most Pertinent Data at Once

The clinical EMR dashboards accommodate both primary care and specialty care physicians. A primary care physician’s patient-centric view might combine lab results, long-term medications, vital signs and prevention programs on one screen. Meanwhile, a specialist’s more disease-specific view may capture family history, diagnostic imaging results, patient problems, vital signs and long-term medications.

Graphical Views of Clinical Data

Based on your preference, the MicroMD EMR dashboards also create visuals that help you and your patient better understand his or her health status. MicroMD EMR’s goal monitoring feature, also accessible through the clinical dashboard, is an easy-to-use tool for preventive care and health promotion. When printed as hand-outs, the dashboard snapshots, graphs and progress reports can enhance patient education and treatment compliance.

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