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MicroMD EMR Functionality

Narrator: Henry Schein MicroMD’s Electronic Medical Records software is a leader in the industry. Our simple, yet powerful EMR software is easy to use, while still offering customization options to meet specialty, office, and provider-specific needs and preferences. Our software works the way you do. The number of certified EMR software offerings has grown over the past three years, as companies attempt to assist providers in securing EHR incentives. But a large percentage of EMR software is only certified to the minimum testing requirements, allowing for little additional functionality or ability to customize. Cut through the competitive clutter. Choose MicroMD EMR software to access full, clinical functionality and customization, so that providers and staff can spend more time managing patient health and less time managing their business.

Don Quackenbush: MicroMD EMR becomes your tool to improve clinical efficiency, patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Narrator: We offer single-click access to a patient’s entire health record. Our dashboard provides access to test results, medical alerts, medications, visit history, screening and prevention plans. Our software is one of the most customizable in the industry. Individual users can select and re-order key items they want to always see on their desktop. Boost clinical efficiency. Build a library of custom templates to match specific, repetitive exams and chief complaints, and on the fly, customize any template to document unique cases. Improve financial profitability. Send over patient and counter charge information to MicroMD PM, allowing billing to access any charge entries to allow for accurate and speedy posting to patient accounts.

Don Quackenbush: MicroMD EMR’s correct coding is supported by integrated claim scrubbing, E and M coding support, and template management, so providers can spot discrepancies before they’re sent to the billing team. When you bill for what’s documented, your audit risk is automatically reduced. So, when MicroMD EMR’s tools are used, there’s an immediate benefit to the practice.

Narrator: If you are looking to move from paper to electronic medical records, or if you are shopping for a new EMR solution, contact us at 800-624-8832 or visit us at to request a free demo of our EMR software to see a full picture.

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