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Document Management Healthcare Solutions


MicroMD® DMS – Document Management System by Henry Schein Medical Systems offers some of the most powerful and proven healthcare document management solutions available for busy medical and surgical practices.

Whether you operate a single office or run a multiple-site medical or surgical practice, MicroMD DMS is a very economical yet flexible healthcare document management system designed to complement your existing clinical applications.

Consolidate Patient Information with MicroMD DMS

Throughout the patient care cycle MicroMD DMS consolidates all your patient information capturing documentation at registration, during treatment and during follow-up. – which can then be integrated with your existing applications.

MicroMD DMS is also a scalable healthcare document management system capable of complementing your existing medical practice management technology, especially MicroMD PM

You can address your real paper problems and work towards an efficient paperless office with MicroMD DMS.

Benefits of Healthcare Document Management

MicroMD DMS offers wide-ranging benefits for medical records managers and those involved in patient finances by improving financial efficiency and reducing errors and processing costs.

  • Retrieve, mark up and categorize information similar to paper-bound documents
  • Share access to all types of documents
  • Share folder-set layouts with your entire staff
  • Allow multiple viewers to examine the same document simultaneously
  • Integrate external documents with MicroMD PM
  • Import, create and save electronic documents, such as e-faxes
  • Reduce printing, storage and filing costs

MicroMD DMS is easy to implement and greatly improves your business processes and patient care with minimal user training.

Additional Healthcare Document Management System Benefits

  • Store patient account charts, pathology results and labs in a clinical structure
  • Store non-patient documents, such as staff or vendor information and correspondence
  • Mark up or annotate patient documents with drawing, typing and cropping tools
  • Powerful document scanning and sorting capabilities are included with drag-and-drop features
  • Create your own unique templates or store templates from other applications like Microsoft® Word
  • Excellent usability features like “hover text” allow you to locate, navigate and arrange files quickly

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Visit our MicroMD Solutions page for more information on all MicroMD products includingDocument Management, MicroMD EMR – Electronic Medical Records software, and MicroMD PM- Medical Practice Management.

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