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Quality Measure 192 Code List

Code List: Quality Measure 192, Cataracts: Complications within 30 Days Following Cataract Surgery Requiring Additional Surgical Procedures

MicroMD uses the following code lists to determine a patient’s inclusion in this measure.  To search for your code, simply press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, enter your code in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Cataract Surgery (CPT) without modifier 56 or 5566840, 66850, 66852, 66920, 66930, 66940, 66982, 66983, 66984
Surgery for Major complications65235, 65860, 65880, 65900, 65920, 65930, 66030, 66250, 66820, 66825, 66830, 66852, 66986, 67005, 67010, 67015, 67025, 67030, 67031, 67036, 67039, 67041, 67042, 67043, 67101, 67105, 67107, 67108, 67110, 67141, 67145, 67250, 67255
Diagnosis, Acute and Subacute IridocyclitisH20.00, H20.011, H20.012, H20.013, H20.019, H20.021, H20.022, H20.023, H20.029, H20.031, H20.032, H20.033, H20.039, H20.041, H20.042, H20.043, H20.049, H20.051, H20.052, H20.053, H20.059
Diagnosis, Adhesions and Disruptions of Iris and Ciliary BodyH21.40, H21.41, H21.42, H21.43, H21.501, H21.502, H21.503, H21.509, H21.511, H21.512, H21.513, H21.519, H21.521, H21.522, H21.523, H21.529, H21.531, H21.532, H21.533, H21.539, H21.541, H21.542, H21.543, H21.549, H21.551, H21.552, H21.553, H21.559, H21.561, H21.562, H21.563, H21.569, H21.81, H21.82, H21.89, H22
Diagnosis, Anomalies of Pupillary FunctionH57.03
Diagnosis, Aphakia and Other Disorders of LensH27.10, H27.111, H27.112, H27.113, H27.119, H27.121, H27.122, H27.123, H27.129, H27.131, H27.132, H27.133, H27.139
Diagnosis, Burn Confined to Eye and AdnexaT26.00XA, T26.01XA, T26.02XA, T26.10XA, T26.11XA, T26.12XA, T26.20XA, T26.21XA, T26.22XA, T26.30XA, T26.31XA, T26.32XA, T26.40XA, T26.41XA, T26.42XA, T26.50XA, T26.51XA, T26.52XA, T26.60XA, T26.61XA, T26.62XA, T26.70XA, T26.71XA, T26.72XA, T26.80XA, T26.81XA, T26.82XA, T26.90XA, T26.91XA, T26.92XA
Diagnosis, Cataract Secondary to Ocular DisordersH26.211, H26.212, H26.213, H26.219, H26.221, H26.222, H26.223, H26.229
Diagnosis, Cataract, CongenitalQ12.0
Diagnosis, Cataract, Mature or HypermatureH26.9
Diagnosis, Cataract, Posterior PolarQ12.0
Diagnosis, Central Corneal UlcerH16.011, H16.012, H16.013, H16.019
Diagnosis, Certain Types of IridocyclitisH20.20, H20.21, H20.22, H20.23, H20.811, H20.812, H20.813, H20.819, H20.821, H20.822, H20.823, H20.829, H20.9, H40.40X0
Diagnosis, Chronic IridocyclitisA18.54, H20.10, H20.11, H20.12, H20.13, H20.9
Diagnosis, Cloudy CorneaH17.00, H17.01, H17.02, H17.03, H17.10, H17.11, H17.12, H17.13, H17.811, H17.812, H17.813, H17.819, H17.821, H17.822, H17.823, H17.829
Diagnosis, Corneal Opacity and Other Disorders of CorneaH17.00, H17.01, H17.02, H17.03, H17.10, H17.11, H17.12, H17.13, H17.89, H17.9
Diagnosis, Corneal EdemaH18.10, H18.11, H18.12, H18.13, H18.20, H18.221, H18.222, H18.223, H18.229, H18.231, H18.232, H18.233, H18.239, H18.421, H18.422, H18.423, H18.429, H18.43
Diagnosis, Cysts of Iris, Ciliary Body, and Anterior ChamberH21.301, H21.302, H21.303, H21.309, H21.311, H21.312, H21.313, H21.319, H21.321, H21.322, H21.323, H21.329, H21.341, H21.342, H21.343, H21.349, H21.351, H21.352, H21.353, H21.359
Diagnosis, EnophthalmosH05.401, H05.402, H05.403, H05.409, H05.411, H05.412, H05.413, H05.419, H05.421, H05.422, H05.423, H05.429
Diagnosis, GlaucomaH40.10X0, H40.10X1, H40.10X2, H40.10X3, H40.10X4, H40.1110, H40.1111, H40.1112, H40.1113, H40.1114, H40.1120, H40.1121, H40.1122, H40.1123, H40.1124, H40.1130, H40.1131, H40.1132, H40.1133, H40.1134, H40.1190, H40.1191, H40.1192, H40.1193, H40.1194, H40.1210, H40.1211, H40.1212, H40.1213, H40.1214, H40.1220, H40.1221, H40.1222, H40.1223, H40.1224, H40.1230, H40.1231, H40.1232, H40.1233, H40.1234, H40.1290, H40.1291, H40.1292, H40.1293, H40.1294, H40.1310, H40.1311, H40.1312, H40.1313, H40.1314, H40.1320, H40.1321, H40.1322, H40.1323, H40.1324, H40.1330, H40.1331, H40.1332, H40.1333, H40.1334, H40.1390, H40.1391, H40.1392, H40.1393, H40.1394, H40.1410, H40.1411, H40.1412, H40.1413, H40.1414, H40.1420, H40.1421, H40.1422, H40.1423, H40.1424, H40.1430, H40.1431, H40.1432, H40.1433, H40.1434, H40.1490, H40.1491, H40.1492, H40.1493, H40.1494, H40.151, H40.152, H40.153, H40.159, H40.20X0, H40.20X1, H40.20X2, H40.20X3, H40.20X4, H40.211, H40.212, H40.213, H40.219, H40.2210, H40.2211, H40.2212, H40.2213, H40.2214, H40.2220, H40.2221, H40.2222, H40.2223, H40.2224, H40.2230, H40.2231, H40.2232, H40.2233, H40.2234, H40.2290, H40.2291, H40.2292, H40.2293, H40.2294, H40.231, H40.232, H40.233, H40.239, H40.241, H40.242, H40.243, H40.249, H40.30X0, H40.30X1, H40.30X2, H40.30X3, H40.30X4, H40.31X0, H40.31X1, H40.31X2, H40.31X3, H40.31X4, H40.32X0, H40.32X1, H40.32X2, H40.32X3, H40.32X4, H40.33X0, H40.33X1, H40.33X2, H40.33X3, H40.33X4, H40.40X0, H40.40X1, H40.40X2, H40.40X3, H40.40X4, H40.41X0, H40.41X1, H40.41X2, H40.41X3, H40.41X4, H40.42X0, H40.42X1, H40.42X2, H40.42X3, H40.42X4, H40.43X0, H40.43X1, H40.43X2, H40.43X3, H40.43X4, H40.50X0, H40.50X1, H40.50X2, H40.50X3, H40.50X4, H40.51X0, H40.51X1, H40.51X2, H40.51X3, H40.51X4, H40.52X0, H40.52X1, H40.52X2, H40.52X3, H40.52X4, H40.53X0, H40.53X1, H40.53X2, H40.53X3, H40.53X4, H40.60X0, H40.60X1, H40.60X2, H40.60X3, H40.60X4, H40.61X0, H40.61X1, H40.61X2, H40.61X3, H40.61X4, H40.62X0, H40.62X1, H40.62X2, H40.62X3, H40.62X4, H40.63X0, H40.63X1, H40.63X2, H40.63X3, H40.63X4, H40.811, H40.812, H40.813, H40.819, H40.821, H40.822, H40.823, H40.829, H40.831, H40.832, H40.833, H40.839, H40.89, Q15.0
Diagnosis, Hereditary Corneal DystrophiesH18.50, H18.51, H18.52, H18.53, H18.54, H18.55, H18.59
Diagnosis, High HyperopiaH52.00, H52.01, H52.02, H52.03
Diagnosis, Hypotony of EyeH44.40, H44.411, H44.412, H44.413, H44.419, H44.421, H44.422, H44.423, H44.429, H44.431, H44.432, H44.433, H44.439, H44.441, H44.442, H44.443, H44.449
Diagnosis, Injury to Optic Nerve and PathwaysS04.011A, S04.012A, S04.019A, S04.02XA, S04.031A, S04.032A, S04.039A, S04.041A, S04.042A, S04.049A
Diagnosis, Open Wound of EyeballS05.10XA, S05.11XA, S05.12XA, S05.20XA, S05.21XA, S05.22XA, S05.30XA, S05.31XA, S05.32XA, S05.50XA, S05.51XA, S05.52XA, S05.60XA, S05.61XA, S05.62XA, S05.70XA, S05.71XA, S05.72XA, S05.8X1A, S05.8X2A, S05.8X9A, S05.90XA, S05.91XA, S05.92XA
Diagnosis, Pathologic MyopiaH44.20, H44.21, H44.22, H44.23, H44.30
Diagnosis, Posterior LenticonusQ12.2, Q12.4, Q12.8
Diagnosis, Pseudoexfoliation SyndromeH40.1410, H40.1411, H40.1412, H40.1413, H40.1414, H40.1420, H40.1421, H40.1422, H40.1423, H40.1424, H40.1430, H40.1431, H40.1432, H40.1433, H40.1434, H40.1490, H40.1491, H40.1492, H40.1493, H40.1494
Diagnosis, Retrolental FibroplasiasH35.171, H35.172, H35.173, H35.179
Diagnosis, Senile CataractH25.89
Diagnosis, Traumatic CataractH26.101, H26.102, H26.103, H26.109, H26.111, H26.112, H26.113, H26.119, H26.121, H26.122, H26.123, H26.129, H26.131, H26.132, H26.133, H26.139
Diagnosis, UveitisH44.111, H44.112, H44.113, H44.119, H44.131, H44.132, H44.133, H44.139
Diagnosis, Vascular Disorders of Iris and Ciliary BodyH21.1X1, H21.1X2, H21.1X3, H21.1X9
Procedure, Prior Pars Plana Vitrectomy (CPT)67036, 67039, 67040, 67041, 67042, 67043
Medication, Systemic Sympathetic Alpha-1a Antagonist for Treatment of Prostatic Hypertrophy24 HR Alfuzosin hydrochloride 10 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet, 24 HR Doxazosin 4 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet, 24 HR Doxazosin 8 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet, Doxazosin 1 MG Oral Tablet, Doxazosin 2 MG Oral Tablet, Doxazosin 4 MG Oral Tablet, Doxazosin 8 MG Oral Tablet, Dutasteride 0.5 MG / Tamsulosin hydrochloride 0.4 MG Oral Capsule, Phenoxybenzamine Hydrochloride 10 MG Oral Capsule, Polythiazide 0.5 MG / Prazosin 1 MG Oral Capsule, Polythiazide 0.5 MG / Prazosin 2 MG Oral Capsule, Polythiazide 0.5 MG / Prazosin 5 MG Oral Capsule, Prazosin 1 MG Oral Capsule, Prazosin 2 MG Oral Capsule, Prazosin 5 MG Oral Capsule, Prazosin 5 MG Oral Tablet, Tamsulosin hydrochloride 0.4 MG Oral Capsule, Terazosin 1 MG Oral Capsule, Terazosin 10 MG Oral Capsule, Terazosin 2 MG Oral Capsule, Terazosin 5 MG Oral Capsule