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CMS66v5 Code List

Code List: CMS66v5, Functional Status Assessment for Total Knee Replacement

MicroMD uses the following code lists to determine a patient’s inclusion in this measure.  To search for your code, simply press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, enter your code in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Item Codes
Encounter Codes
Encounter, Performed: Face-to-Face Interaction: SNOMED 12843005, 18170008, 185349003, 185463005, 185465003, 19681004, 207195004, 270427003, 270430005, 308335008, 390906007, 406547006, 439708006, 87790002, 90526000
Encounter, Performed: Office Visit: CPT 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99212, 99213, 99214, 99215
Encounter, Performed: Outpatient Consultation: CPT 99241, 99242, 99243, 99244, 99245
Encounter, Performed: Postoperative Visit: CPT 99024
Knee Replacement Procedure Codes
Procedure, Performed: Primary TKA Procedure: CPT 27447
Procedure, Performed: Primary TKA Procedure: SNOMED Primary cemented total knee replacement (procedure), Conversion to cemented total knee replacement (procedure), Primary uncemented total knee replacement (procedure), Conversion to uncemented total knee replacement (procedure), Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint using cement (procedure), Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint not using cement (procedure), Total arthroplasty of knee, geomedic or polycentric (procedure), Replacement of total knee joint (procedure), Total replacement of left knee joint (procedure), Total replacement of right knee joint (procedure).
179344006, 179345007, 179351002, 179352009, 265170009, 265172001, 392237008, 430698003, 443681002, 443682009
Functional Status Codes
Functional Status, Result: Functional Status Assessment for Knee Replacement: LOINC 71955-9, 71956-7, 71957-5, 71958-3, 71959-1, 71960-9, 71961-7, 71962-5, 71963-3, 71964-1, 71965-8, 71966-6, 71967-4, 71968-2, 71969-0, 71970-8, 71971-6, 71972-4, 71973-2, 71974-0, 71975-7, 71976-5, 71977-3, 71978-1, 71979-9, 71980-7, 71981-5, 71982-3, 71983-1, 71984-9, 71985-6, 71986-4, 71987-2, 71988-0, 71989-8, 71990-6, 71991-4, 71992-2, 71993-0, 71994-8, 71995-5, 71996-3, 71997-1, 71998-9, 71999-7, 72000-3, 72001-1, 72002-9, 72003-7, 72004-5, 72005-2, 72006-0, 72007-8, 72008-6, 72009-4, 72010-2, 72011-0, 72012-8, 72013-6, 72014-4, 72015-1, 72016-9, 72017-7, 72018-5, 72019-3, 72020-1, 72021-9, 72022-7, 72023-5, 72024-3, 72025-0, 72026-8, 72027-6, 72028-4, 72098-7, 72099-5, 72100-1, 72101-9, 72102-7
Exclusion Diagnosis Codes
Diagnosis: Fracture – Lower Body: ICD-9 808.0, 808.1, 808.2, 808.3, 808.41, 808.42, 808.43, 808.44, 808.49, 808.51, 808.52, 808.53, 808.54, 808.59, 808.8, 808.9, 820.00, 820.01, 820.02, 820.03, 820.09, 820.10, 820.11, 820.12, 820.13, 820.19, 820.20, 820.21, 820.22, 820.30, 820.31, 820.32, 820.8, 820.9, 821.00, 821.01, 821.10, 821.11, 821.20, 821.21, 821.22, 821.23, 821.29, 821.30, 821.31, 821.32, 821.33, 821.39, 822.0, 822.1, 823.00, 823.01, 823.02, 823.10, 823.11, 823.12, 823.20, 823.21, 823.22, 823.30, 823.31, 823.32, 823.40, 823.41, 823.42, 823.80, 823.81, 823.82, 823.90, 823.91, 823.92
Diagnosis: Fracture – Lower Body: ICD-10 M97.01XA, M97.01XD, M97.01XS, M97.02XA, M97.02XD, M97.02XS, M97.11XA, M97.11XD, M97.11XS, M97.12XA, M97.12XD, M97.12XS, M97.21XA, M97.21XD, M97.21XS, M97.22XA, M97.22XD, M97.22XS, M97.31XA, M97.31XD, M97.31XS, M97.32XA, M97.32XD, M97.32XS, M97.41XA, M97.41XD, M97.41XS, M97.42XA, M97.42XD, M97.42XS, S32.301A, S32.301B, S32.301D, S32.301G, S32.301K, S32.301S, S32.302A, S32.302B, S32.302D, S32.302G, S32.302K, S32.302S, S32.309A, S32.309B, S32.309D, S32.309G, S32.309K, S32.309S, S32.311A, S32.311B, S32.311D, S32.311G, S32.311K, S32.311S, S32.312A, S32.312B, S32.312D, S32.312G, S32.312K, S32.312S, S32.313A, S32.313B, S32.313D, S32.313G, S32.313K, S32.313S, S32.314A, S32.314B, S32.314D, S32.314G, S32.314K, S32.314S, S32.315A, S32.315B, S32.315D, S32.315G, S32.315K, S32.315S, S32.316A, S32.316B, S32.316D, S32.316G, S32.316K, S32.316S, S32.391A, S32.391B, S32.391D, S32.391G, S32.391K, S32.391S, S32.392A, S32.392B, S32.392D, S32.392G, S32.392K, S32.392S, S32.399A, S32.399B, S32.399D, S32.399G, S32.399K, S32.399S, S32.401A, S32.401B, S32.401D, S32.401G, S32.401K, S32.401S, S32.402A, S32.402B, S32.402D, S32.402G, S32.402K, S32.402S, S32.409A, S32.409B, S32.409D, S32.409G, S32.409K, S32.409S, S32.411A, S32.411B, S32.411D, S32.411G, S32.411K, S32.411S, S32.412A, S32.412B, S32.412D, S32.412G, S32.412K, S32.412S, S32.413A, S32.413B, S32.413D, S32.413G, S32.413K, S32.413S, S32.414A, S32.414B, S32.414D, S32.414G, S32.414K, S32.414S, S32.415A, S32.415B, S32.415D, S32.415G, S32.415K, S32.415S, S32.416A, S32.416B, S32.416D, S32.416G, S32.416K, S32.416S, S32.421A, S32.421B, S32.421D, S32.421G, S32.421K, S32.421S, S32.422A, S32.422B, S32.422D, S32.422G, S32.422K, S32.422S, S32.423A, S32.423B, S32.423D, S32.423G, S32.423K, S32.423S, S32.424A, S32.424B, S32.424D, S32.424G, S32.424K, S32.424S, S32.425A, S32.425B, S32.425D, S32.425G, S32.425K, S32.425S, S32.426A, S32.426B, S32.426D, S32.426G, S32.426K, S32.426S, S32.431A, S32.431B, S32.431D, S32.431G, S32.431K, S32.431S, S32.432A, S32.432B, S32.432D, S32.432G, S32.432K, S32.432S, S32.433A, S32.433B, S32.433D, S32.433G, S32.433K, S32.433S, S32.434A, S32.434B, S32.434D, S32.434G, S32.434K, S32.434S, S32.435A, S32.435B, S32.435D, S32.435G, S32.435K, S32.435S, S32.436A, S32.436B, S32.436D, S32.436G, S32.436K, S32.436S, S32.441A, S32.441B, S32.441D, S32.441G, S32.441K, S32.441S, S32.442A, S32.442B, S32.442D, S32.442G, S32.442K, S32.442S, S32.443A, S32.443B, S32.443D, S32.443G, S32.443K, S32.443S, S32.444A, S32.444B, S32.444D, S32.444G, S32.444K, S32.444S, S32.445A, S32.445B, S32.445D, S32.445G, S32.445K, S32.445S, S32.446A, S32.446B, S32.446D, S32.446G, S32.446K, S32.446S, S32.451A, S32.451B, S32.451D, S32.451G, S32.451K, S32.451S, S32.452A, S32.452B, S32.452D, S32.452G, S32.452K, S32.452S, S32.453A, S32.453B, S32.453D, S32.453G, S32.453K, S32.453S, S32.454A, S32.454B, S32.454D, S32.454G, S32.454K, S32.454S, S32.455A, S32.455B, S32.455D, S32.455G, S32.455K, S32.455S, S32.456A, S32.456B, S32.456D, S32.456G, S32.456K, S32.456S, S32.461A, S32.461B, S32.461D, S32.461G, S32.461K, S32.461S, S32.462A, S32.462B, S32.462D, S32.462G, S32.462K, S32.462S, S32.463A, S32.463B, S32.463D, S32.463G, S32.463K, S32.463S, S32.464A, S32.464B, S32.464D, S32.464G, S32.464K, S32.464S, S32.465A, S32.465B, S32.465D, S32.465G, S32.465K, S32.465S, S32.466A, S32.466B, S32.466D, S32.466G, S32.466K, S32.466S, S32.471A, S32.471B, S32.471D, S32.471G, S32.471K, S32.471S, S32.472A, S32.472B, S32.472D, S32.472G, S32.472K, S32.472S, S32.473A, S32.473B, S32.473D, S32.473G, S32.473K, S32.473S, S32.474A, S32.474B, S32.474D, S32.474G, S32.474K, S32.474S, S32.475A, S32.475B, S32.475D, S32.475G, S32.475K, S32.475S, S32.476A, S32.476B, S32.476D, S32.476G, S32.476K, S32.476S, S32.481A, S32.481B, S32.481D, S32.481G, S32.481K, S32.481S, S32.482A, S32.482B, S32.482D, S32.482G, S32.482K, S32.482S, S32.483A, S32.483B, S32.483D, S32.483G, S32.483K, S32.483S, S32.484A, S32.484B, S32.484D, S32.484G, S32.484K, S32.484S, S32.485A, S32.485B, S32.485D, S32.485G, S32.485K, S32.485S, S32.486A, S32.486B, S32.486D, S32.486G, S32.486K, S32.486S, S32.491A, S32.491B, S32.491D, S32.491G, S32.491K, S32.491S, S32.492A, S32.492B, S32.492D, S32.492G, S32.492K, S32.492S, S32.499A, S32.499B, S32.499D, S32.499G, S32.499K, S32.499S, S32.501A, S32.501B, S32.501D, S32.501G, S32.501K, S32.501S, S32.502A, S32.502B, S32.502D, S32.502G, S32.502K, S32.502S, S32.509A, S32.509B, S32.509D, S32.509G, S32.509K, S32.509S, S32.511A, S32.511B, S32.511D, S32.511G, S32.511K, S32.511S, S32.512A, S32.512B, S32.512D, S32.512G, S32.512K, S32.512S, S32.519A, S32.519B, S32.519D, S32.519G, S32.519K, S32.519S, S32.591A, S32.591B, S32.591D, S32.591G, S32.591K, S32.591S, S32.592A, S32.592B, S32.592D, S32.592G, S32.592K, S32.592S, S32.599A, S32.599B, S32.599D, S32.599G, S32.599K, S32.599S, S32.601A, S32.601B, S32.601D, S32.601G, S32.601K, S32.601S, S32.602A, S32.602B, S32.602D, S32.602G, S32.602K, S32.602S, S32.609A, S32.609B, S32.609D, S32.609G, S32.609K, S32.609S, S32.611A, S32.611B, S32.611D, S32.611G, S32.611K, S32.611S, S32.612A, S32.612B, S32.612D, S32.612G, S32.612K, S32.612S, S32.613A, S32.613B, S32.613D, S32.613G, S32.613K, S32.613S, S32.614A, S32.614B, S32.614D, S32.614G, S32.614K, S32.614S, S32.615A, S32.615B, S32.615D, S32.615G, S32.615K, S32.615S, S32.616A, S32.616B, S32.616D, S32.616G, S32.616K, S32.616S, S32.691A, S32.691B, S32.691D, S32.691G, S32.691K, S32.691S, S32.692A, S32.692B, S32.692D, S32.692G, S32.692K, S32.692S, S32.699A, S32.699B, S32.699D, S32.699G, S32.699K, S32.699S, S32.89XA, S32.89XB, S32.89XD, S32.89XG, S32.89XK, S32.89XS, S32.9XXA, S32.9XXB, S32.9XXD, S32.9XXG, S32.9XXK, S32.9XXS, S72.001A, S72.001B, S72.001C, S72.001D, S72.001E, S72.001F, S72.001G, S72.001H, S72.001J, S72.001K, S72.001M, S72.001N, S72.001P, S72.001Q, S72.001R, S72.001S, S72.002A, S72.002B, S72.002C, S72.002D, S72.002E, S72.002F, S72.002G, S72.002H, S72.002J, S72.002K, S72.002M, S72.002N, S72.002P, S72.002Q, S72.002R, S72.002S, S72.009A, S72.009B, S72.009C, S72.009D, S72.009E, S72.009F, S72.009G, S72.009H, S72.009J, S72.009K, S72.009M, S72.009N, S72.009P, S72.009Q, S72.009R, S72.009S, S72.011A, S72.011B, S72.011C, S72.011D, S72.011E, S72.011F, S72.011G, S72.011H, S72.011J, S72.011K, S72.011M, S72.011N, S72.011P, S72.011Q, S72.011R, S72.011S, S72.012A, S72.012B, S72.012C, S72.012D, S72.012E, S72.012F, S72.012G, S72.012H, S72.012J, S72.012K, S72.012M, S72.012N, S72.012P, S72.012Q, S72.012R, S72.012S, S72.019A, S72.019B, S72.019C, S72.019D, S72.019E, S72.019F, S72.019G, S72.019H, S72.019J, S72.019K, S72.019M, S72.019N, S72.019P, S72.019Q, S72.019R, S72.019S, S72.021A, S72.021B, S72.021C, S72.021D, S72.021F, S72.021G, S72.021H, S72.021J, S72.021K, S72.021M, S72.021N, S72.021P, S72.021Q, S72.021R, S72.021S, S72.022A, S72.022B, S72.022C, S72.022D, S72.022E, S72.022F, S72.022G, S72.022H, S72.022J, S72.022K, S72.022M, S72.022N, S72.022P, S72.022Q, S72.022R, S72.022S, S72.023A, S72.023B, S72.023C, S72.023D, S72.023E, S72.023F, S72.023G, S72.023H, S72.023J, S72.023K, S72.023M, S72.023N, S72.023P, S72.023Q, S72.023R, S72.023S, S72.024A, S72.024B, S72.024C, S72.024D, S72.024E, S72.024F, S72.024G, S72.024H, S72.024J, S72.024K, S72.024M, S72.024N, S72.024P, S72.024Q, S72.024R, S72.024S, S72.025A, S72.025B, S72.025C, S72.025D, S72.025E, S72.025F, S72.025G, S72.025H, S72.025J, S72.025K, S72.025M, S72.025N, S72.025P, S72.025Q, S72.025R, S72.025S, S72.026A, S72.026B, S72.026C, S72.026D, S72.026E, S72.026F, S72.026G, S72.026H, S72.026J, S72.026K, S72.026M, S72.026N, S72.026P, S72.026Q, S72.026R, S72.026S, S72.031A, S72.031B, S72.031C, S72.031D, S72.031E, S72.031F, S72.031G, S72.031H, S72.031J, S72.031K, S72.031M, S72.031N, S72.031P, S72.031Q, S72.031R, S72.031S, S72.032A, S72.032B, S72.032C, S72.032D, S72.032E, S72.032F, S72.032G, S72.032H, S72.032J, S72.032K, S72.032M, S72.032N, S72.032P, S72.032Q, S72.032R, S72.032S, S72.033A, S72.033B, S72.033C, S72.033D, S72.033E, S72.033F, S72.033G, S72.033H, S72.033J, S72.033K, S72.033M, S72.033N, S72.033P, S72.033Q, S72.033R, S72.033S, S72.034A, S72.034B, S72.034C, S72.034D, S72.034E, S72.034F, S72.034G, S72.034H, S72.034J, S72.034K, S72.034M, S72.034N, S72.034P, S72.034Q, S72.034R, S72.034S, S72.035A, S72.035B, S72.035C, S72.035D, S72.035E, S72.035F, S72.035G, S72.035H, S72.035J, S72.035K, S72.035M, S72.035N, S72.035P, S72.035Q, S72.035R, S72.035S, S72.036A, S72.036B, S72.036C, S72.036D, S72.036E, S72.036F, S72.036G, S72.036H, S72.036J, S72.036K, S72.036M, S72.036N, S72.036P, S72.036Q, S72.036R, S72.036S, S72.041A, S72.041B, S72.041C, S72.041D, S72.041E, S72.041F, S72.041G, S72.041H, S72.041J, S72.041K, S72.041M, S72.041N, S72.041P, S72.041Q, S72.041R, S72.041S, S72.042A, S72.042B, S72.042C, S72.042D, S72.042E, S72.042F, S72.042G, S72.042H, S72.042J, S72.042K, S72.042M, S72.042N, S72.042P, S72.042Q, S72.042R, S72.042S, S72.043A, S72.043B, S72.043C, S72.043D, S72.043E, S72.043F, S72.043G, S72.043H, S72.043J, S72.043K, S72.043M, S72.043N, S72.043P, S72.043Q, S72.043R, S72.043S, S72.044A, S72.044B, S72.044C, S72.044D, S72.044E, S72.044F, S72.044G, S72.044H, S72.044J, S72.044K, S72.044M, S72.044N, S72.044P, S72.044Q, S72.044R, S72.044S, S72.045A, S72.045B, S72.045C, S72.045D, S72.045E, S72.045F, S72.045G, S72.045H, S72.045J, S72.045K, S72.045M, S72.045N, S72.045P, S72.045Q, S72.045R, S72.045S, S72.046A, S72.046B, S72.046C, S72.046D, S72.046E, S72.046F, S72.046G, S72.046H, S72.046J, S72.046K, S72.046M, S72.046N, S72.046P, S72.046Q, S72.046R, S72.046S, S72.051A, S72.051B, S72.051C, S72.051D, S72.051E, S72.051F, S72.051G, S72.051H, S72.051J, S72.051K, S72.051M, S72.051N, S72.051P, S72.051Q, S72.051R, S72.051S, S72.052A, S72.052B, S72.052C, S72.052D, S72.052E, S72.052F, S72.052G, S72.052H, S72.052J, S72.052K, S72.052M, S72.052N, S72.052P, S72.052Q, S72.052R, S72.052S, S72.059A, S72.059B, S72.059C, S72.059D, S72.059E, S72.059F, S72.059G, S72.059H, S72.059J, S72.059K, S72.059M, S72.059N, S72.059P, S72.059Q, S72.059R, S72.059S, S72.061A, S72.061B, S72.061C, S72.061D, S72.061E, S72.061F, S72.061G, S72.061H, S72.061J, S72.061K, S72.061M, S72.061N, S72.061P, S72.061Q, S72.061R, S72.061S, S72.062A, S72.062B, S72.062C, S72.062D, S72.062E, S72.062F, S72.062G, S72.062H, S72.062J, S72.062K, S72.062M, S72.062N, S72.062P, S72.062Q, S72.062R, S72.062S, S72.063A, S72.063B, S72.063C, S72.063D, S72.063E, S72.063F, S72.063G, S72.063H, S72.063J, S72.063K, S72.063M, S72.063N, S72.063P, S72.063Q, S72.063R, S72.063S, S72.064A, S72.064B, S72.064C, S72.064D, S72.064E, S72.064F, S72.064G, S72.064H, S72.064J, S72.064K, S72.064M, S72.064N, S72.064P, S72.064Q, S72.064R, S72.064S, S72.065A, S72.065B, S72.065C, S72.065D, S72.065E, S72.065F, S72.065G, S72.065H, S72.065J, S72.065K, S72.065M, S72.065N, S72.065P, S72.065Q, S72.065R, S72.065S, S72.066A, S72.066B, S72.066C, S72.066D, S72.066E, S72.066F, S72.066G, S72.066H, S72.066J, S72.066K, S72.066M, S72.066N, S72.066P, S72.066Q, S72.066R, S72.066S, S72.091A, S72.091B, S72.091C, S72.091D, S72.091E, S72.091F, S72.091G, S72.091H, S72.091J, S72.091K, S72.091M, S72.091N, S72.091P, S72.091Q, S72.091R, S72.091S, S72.092A, S72.092B, S72.092C, S72.092D, S72.092E, S72.092F, S72.092G, S72.092H, S72.092J, S72.092K, S72.092M, S72.092N, S72.092P, S72.092Q, S72.092R, S72.092S, S72.099A, S72.099B, S72.099C, S72.099D, S72.099E, S72.099F, S72.099G, S72.099H, S72.099J, S72.099K, S72.099M, S72.099N, S72.099P, S72.099Q, S72.099R, S72.099S, S72.101A, S72.101B, S72.101C, S72.101D, S72.101E, S72.101F, S72.101G, S72.101H, S72.101J, S72.101K, S72.101M, S72.101N, S72.101P, S72.101Q, S72.101R, S72.101S, S72.102A, S72.102B, S72.102C, S72.102D, S72.102E, S72.102F, S72.102G, S72.102H, S72.102J, S72.102K, S72.102M, S72.102N, S72.102P, S72.102Q, S72.102R, S72.102S, S72.109A, S72.109B, S72.109C, S72.109D, S72.109E, S72.109F, S72.109G, S72.109H, S72.109J, S72.109K, S72.109M, S72.109N, S72.109P, S72.109Q, S72.109R, S72.109S, S72.111A, S72.111B, S72.111C, S72.111D, S72.111E, S72.111F, S72.111G, S72.111H, S72.111J, S72.111K, S72.111M, S72.111N, S72.111P, S72.111Q, S72.111R, S72.111S, S72.112A, S72.112B, S72.112C, S72.112D, S72.112E, S72.112F, S72.112G, S72.112H, S72.112J, S72.112K, S72.112M, S72.112N, S72.112P, S72.112Q, S72.112R, S72.112S, S72.113A, S72.113B, S72.113C, S72.113D, S72.113E, S72.113F, S72.113G, S72.113H, S72.113J, S72.113K, S72.113M, S72.113N, S72.113P, S72.113Q, S72.113R, S72.113S, S72.114A, S72.114B, S72.114C, S72.114D, S72.114E, S72.114F, S72.114G, S72.114H, S72.114J, S72.114K, S72.114M, S72.114N, S72.114P, S72.114Q, S72.114R, S72.114S, S72.115A, S72.115B, S72.115C, S72.115D, S72.115E, S72.115F, S72.115G, S72.115H, S72.115J, S72.115K, S72.115M, S72.115N, S72.115P, S72.115Q, S72.115R, S72.115S, S72.116A, S72.116B, S72.116C, S72.116D, S72.116E, S72.116F, S72.116G, S72.116H, S72.116J, S72.116K, S72.116M, S72.116N, S72.116P, S72.116Q, S72.116R, S72.116S, S72.121A, S72.121B, S72.121C, S72.121D, S72.121E, S72.121F, S72.121G, S72.121H, S72.121J, S72.121K, S72.121M, S72.121N, S72.121P, S72.121Q, S72.121R, S72.121S, S72.122A, S72.122B, S72.122C, S72.122D, S72.122E, S72.122F, S72.122G, S72.122H, S72.122J, S72.122K, S72.122M, S72.122N, S72.122P, S72.122Q, S72.122R, S72.122S, S72.123A, S72.123B, S72.123C, S72.123D, S72.123E, S72.123F, S72.123G, S72.123H, S72.123J, S72.123K, S72.123M, S72.123N, S72.123P, S72.123Q, S72.123R, S72.123S, S72.124A, S72.124B, S72.124C, S72.124D, S72.124E, S72.124F, S72.124G, S72.124H, S72.124J, S72.124K, S72.124M, S72.124N, S72.124P, S72.124Q, S72.124R, S72.124S, S72.125A, S72.125B, S72.125C, S72.125D, S72.125E, S72.125F, S72.125G, S72.125H, S72.125J, S72.125K, S72.125M, S72.125N, S72.125P, S72.125Q, S72.125R, S72.125S, S72.126A, S72.126B, S72.126C, S72.126D, S72.126E, S72.126F, S72.126G, S72.126H, S72.126J, S72.126K, S72.126M, S72.126N, S72.126P, S72.126Q, S72.126R, S72.126S, S72.131A, S72.131B, S72.131C, S72.131D, S72.131E, S72.131F, S72.131G, S72.131H, S72.131J, S72.131K, S72.131M, S72.131N, S72.131P, S72.131Q, S72.131R, S72.131S, S72.132A, S72.132B, S72.132C, S72.132D, S72.132E, S72.132F, S72.132G, S72.132H, S72.132J, S72.132K, S72.132M, S72.132N, S72.132P, S72.132Q, S72.132R, S72.132S, S72.133A, S72.133B, S72.133C, S72.133D, S72.133E, S72.133F, S72.133G, S72.133H, S72.133J, S72.133K, S72.133M, S72.133N, S72.133P, S72.133Q, S72.133R, S72.133S, S72.134A, S72.134B, S72.134C, S72.134D, S72.134E, S72.134F, S72.134G, S72.134H, S72.134J, S72.134K, S72.134M, S72.134N, S72.134P, S72.134Q, S72.134R, S72.134S, S72.135A, S72.135B, S72.135C, S72.135D, S72.135E, S72.135F, S72.135G, S72.135H, S72.135J, S72.135K, S72.135M, S72.135N, S72.135P, S72.135Q, S72.135R, S72.135S, S72.136A, S72.136B, S72.136C, S72.136D, S72.136E, S72.136F, S72.136G, S72.136H, S72.136J, S72.136K, S72.136M, S72.136N, S72.136P, S72.136Q, S72.136R, S72.136S, S72.141A, S72.141B, S72.141C, S72.141D, S72.141E, S72.141F, S72.141G, S72.141H, S72.141J, S72.141K, S72.141M, S72.141N, S72.141P, S72.141Q, S72.141R, S72.141S, S72.142A, S72.142B, S72.142C, S72.142D, S72.142E, S72.142F, S72.142G, S72.142H, S72.142J, S72.142K, S72.142M, S72.142N, S72.142P, S72.142Q, S72.142R, S72.142S, S72.143A, S72.143B, S72.143C, S72.143D, S72.143E, S72.143F, S72.143G, S72.143H, S72.143J, S72.143K, S72.143M, S72.143N, S72.143P, S72.143Q, S72.143R, S72.143S, S72.144A, S72.144B, S72.144C, S72.144D, S72.144E, S72.144F, S72.144G, S72.144H, S72.144J, S72.144K, S72.144M, S72.144N, S72.144P, S72.144Q, S72.144R, S72.144S, S72.145A, S72.145B, S72.145C, S72.145D, S72.145E, S72.145F, S72.145G, S72.145H, S72.145J, S72.145K, S72.145M, S72.145N, S72.145P, S72.145Q, S72.145R, S72.145S, S72.146A, S72.146B, S72.146C, S72.146D, S72.146E, S72.146F, S72.146G, S72.146H, S72.146J, S72.146K, S72.146M, S72.146N, S72.146P, S72.146Q, S72.146R, S72.146S, S72.21XA, S72.21XB, S72.21XC, S72.21XD, S72.21XE, S72.21XF, S72.21XG, S72.21XH, S72.21XJ, S72.21XK, S72.21XM, S72.21XN, S72.21XP, S72.21XQ, S72.21XR, S72.21XS, S72.22XA, S72.22XB, S72.22XC, S72.22XD, S72.22XE, S72.22XF, S72.22XG, S72.22XH, S72.22XJ, S72.22XK, S72.22XM, S72.22XN, S72.22XP, S72.22XQ, S72.22XR, S72.22XS, S72.23XA, S72.23XB, S72.23XC, S72.23XD, S72.23XE, S72.23XF, S72.23XG, S72.23XH, S72.23XJ, S72.23XK, S72.23XM, S72.23XN, S72.23XP, S72.23XQ, S72.23XR, S72.23XS, S72.24XA, S72.24XB, S72.24XC, S72.24XD, S72.24XE, S72.24XF, S72.24XG, S72.24XH, S72.24XJ, S72.24XK, S72.24XM, S72.24XN, S72.24XP, S72.24XQ, S72.24XR, S72.24XS, S72.25XA, S72.25XB, S72.25XC, S72.25XD, S72.25XE, S72.25XF, S72.25XG, S72.25XH, S72.25XJ, S72.25XK, S72.25XM, S72.25XN, S72.25XP, S72.25XQ, S72.25XR, S72.25XS, S72.26XA, S72.26XB, S72.26XC, S72.26XD, S72.26XE, S72.26XF, S72.26XG, S72.26XH, S72.26XJ, S72.26XK, S72.26XM, S72.26XN, S72.26XP, S72.26XQ, S72.26XR, S72.26XS, S72.301A, S72.301B, S72.301C, S72.301D, S72.301E, S72.301F, S72.301G, S72.301H, S72.301J, S72.301K, S72.301M, S72.301N, S72.301P, S72.301Q, S72.301R, S72.301S, S72.302A, S72.302B, S72.302C, S72.302D, S72.302E, S72.302F, S72.302G, S72.302H, S72.302J, S72.302K, S72.302M, S72.302N, S72.302P, S72.302Q, S72.302R, S72.302S, S72.309A, S72.309B, S72.309C, S72.309D, S72.309E, S72.309F, S72.309G, S72.309H, S72.309J, S72.309K, S72.309M, S72.309N, S72.309P, S72.309Q, S72.309R, S72.309S, S72.321A, S72.321B, S72.321C, S72.321D, S72.321E, S72.321F, S72.321G, S72.321H, S72.321J, S72.321K, S72.321M, S72.321N, S72.321P, S72.321Q, S72.321R, S72.321S, S72.322A, S72.322B, S72.322C, S72.322D, S72.322E, S72.322F, S72.322G, S72.322H, S72.322J, S72.322K, S72.322M, S72.322N, S72.322P, S72.322Q, S72.322R, S72.322S, S72.323A, S72.323B, S72.323C, S72.323D, S72.323E, S72.323F, S72.323G, S72.323H, S72.323J, S72.323K, S72.323M, S72.323N, S72.323P, S72.323Q, S72.323R, S72.323S, S72.324A, S72.324B, S72.324C, S72.324D, S72.324E, S72.324F, S72.324G, S72.324H, S72.324J, S72.324K, S72.324M, S72.324N, S72.324P, S72.324Q, S72.324R, S72.324S, S72.325A, S72.325B, S72.325C, S72.325D, S72.325E, S72.325F, S72.325G, S72.325H, S72.325J, S72.325K, S72.325M, S72.325N, S72.325P, S72.325Q, S72.325R, S72.325S, S72.326A, S72.326B, S72.326C, S72.326D, S72.326E, S72.326F, S72.326G, S72.326H, S72.326J, S72.326K, S72.326M, S72.326N, S72.326P, S72.326Q, S72.326R, S72.326S, S72.331A, S72.331B, S72.331C, S72.331D, S72.331E, S72.331F, S72.331G, S72.331H, S72.331J, S72.331K, S72.331M, S72.331N, S72.331P, S72.331Q, S72.331R, S72.331S, S72.332A, S72.332B, S72.332C, S72.332D, S72.332E, S72.332F, S72.332G, S72.332H, S72.332J, S72.332K, S72.332M, S72.332N, S72.332P, S72.332Q, S72.332R, S72.332S, S72.333A, S72.333B, S72.333C, S72.333D, S72.333E, S72.333F, S72.333G, S72.333H, S72.333J, S72.333K, S72.333M, S72.333N, S72.333P, S72.333Q, S72.333R, S72.333S, S72.334A, S72.334B, S72.334C, S72.334D, S72.334E, S72.334F, S72.334G, S72.334H, S72.334J, S72.334K, S72.334M, S72.334N, S72.334P, S72.334Q, S72.334R, S72.334S, S72.335A, S72.335B, S72.335C, S72.335D, S72.335E, S72.335F, S72.335G, S72.335H, S72.335J, S72.335K, S72.335M, S72.335N, S72.335P, S72.335Q, S72.335R, S72.335S, S72.336A, S72.336B, S72.336C, S72.336D, S72.336E, S72.336F, S72.336G, S72.336H, S72.336J, S72.336K, S72.336M, S72.336N, S72.336P, S72.336Q, S72.336R, S72.336S, S72.341A, S72.341B, S72.341C, S72.341D, S72.341E, S72.341F, S72.341G, S72.341H, S72.341J, S72.341K, S72.341M, S72.341N, S72.341P, S72.341Q, S72.341R, S72.341S, S72.342A, S72.342B, S72.342C, S72.342D, S72.342E, S72.342F, S72.342G, S72.342H, S72.342J, S72.342K, S72.342M, S72.342N, S72.342P, S72.342Q, S72.342R, S72.342S, S72.343A, S72.343B, S72.343C, S72.343D, S72.343E, S72.343F, S72.343G, S72.343H, S72.343J, S72.343K, S72.343M, S72.343N, S72.343P, S72.343Q, S72.343R, S72.343S, S72.344A, S72.344B, S72.344C, S72.344D, S72.344E, S72.344F, S72.344G, S72.344H, S72.344J, S72.344K, S72.344M, S72.344N, S72.344P, S72.344Q, S72.344R, S72.344S, S72.345A, S72.345B, S72.345C, S72.345D, S72.345E, S72.345F, S72.345G, S72.345H, S72.345J, S72.345K, S72.345M, S72.345N, S72.345P, S72.345Q, S72.345R, S72.345S, S72.346A, S72.346B, S72.346C, S72.346D, S72.346E, S72.346F, S72.346G, S72.346H, S72.346J, S72.346K, S72.346M, S72.346N, S72.346P, S72.346Q, S72.346R, S72.346S, S72.351A, S72.351B, S72.351C, S72.351D, S72.351E, S72.351F, S72.351G, S72.351H, S72.351J, S72.351K, S72.351M, S72.351N, S72.351P, S72.351Q, S72.351R, S72.351S, S72.352A, S72.352B, S72.352C, S72.352D, S72.352E, S72.352F, S72.352G, S72.352H, S72.352J, S72.352K, S72.352M, S72.352N, S72.352P, S72.352Q, S72.352R, S72.352S, S72.353A, S72.353B, S72.353C, S72.353D, S72.353E, S72.353F, S72.353G, S72.353H, S72.353J, S72.353K, S72.353M, S72.353N, S72.353P, S72.353Q, S72.353R, S72.353S, S72.354A, S72.354B, S72.354C, S72.354D, S72.354E, S72.354F, S72.354G, S72.354H, S72.354J, S72.354K, S72.354M, S72.354N, S72.354P, S72.354Q, S72.354R, S72.354S, S72.355A, S72.355B, S72.355C, S72.355D, S72.355E, S72.355F, S72.355G, S72.355H, S72.355J, S72.355K, S72.355M, S72.355N, S72.355P, S72.355Q, S72.355R, S72.355S, S72.356A, S72.356B, S72.356C, S72.356D, S72.356E, S72.356F, S72.356G, S72.356H, S72.356J, S72.356K, S72.356M, S72.356N, S72.356P, S72.356Q, S72.356R, S72.356S, S72.361A, S72.361B, S72.361C, S72.361D, S72.361E, S72.361F, S72.361G, S72.361H, S72.361J, S72.361K, S72.361M, S72.361N, S72.361P, S72.361Q, S72.361R, S72.361S, S72.362A, S72.362B, S72.362C, S72.362D, S72.362E, S72.362F, S72.362G, S72.362H, S72.362J, S72.362K, S72.362M, S72.362N, S72.362P, S72.362Q, S72.362R, S72.362S, S72.363A, S72.363B, S72.363C, S72.363D, S72.363E, S72.363F, S72.363G, S72.363H, S72.363J, S72.363K, S72.363M, S72.363N, S72.363P, S72.363Q, S72.363R, S72.363S, S72.364A, S72.364B, S72.364C, S72.364D, S72.364E, S72.364F, S72.364G, S72.364H, S72.364J, S72.364K, S72.364M, S72.364N, S72.364P, S72.364Q, S72.364R, S72.364S, S72.365A, S72.365B, S72.365C, S72.365D, S72.365E, S72.365F, S72.365G, S72.365H, S72.365J, S72.365K, S72.365M, S72.365N, S72.365P, S72.365Q, S72.365R, S72.365S, S72.366A, S72.366B, S72.366C, S72.366D, S72.366E, S72.366F, S72.366G, S72.366H, S72.366J, S72.366K, S72.366M, S72.366N, S72.366P, S72.366Q, S72.366R, S72.366S, S72.391A, S72.391B, S72.391C, S72.391D, S72.391E, S72.391F, S72.391G, S72.391H, S72.391J, S72.391K, S72.391M, S72.391N, S72.391P, S72.391Q, S72.391R, S72.391S, S72.392A, S72.392B, S72.392C, S72.392D, S72.392E, S72.392F, S72.392G, S72.392H, S72.392J, S72.392K, S72.392M, S72.392N, S72.392P, S72.392Q, S72.392R, S72.392S, S72.399A, S72.399B, S72.399C, S72.399D, S72.399E, S72.399F, S72.399G, S72.399H, S72.399J, S72.399K, S72.399M, S72.399N, S72.399P, S72.399Q, S72.399R, S72.399S, S72.401A, S72.401B, S72.401C, S72.401D, S72.401E, S72.401F, S72.401G, S72.401H, S72.401J, S72.401K, S72.401M, S72.401N, S72.401P, S72.401Q, S72.401R, S72.401S, S72.402A, S72.402B, S72.402C, S72.402D, S72.402E, S72.402F, S72.402G, S72.402H, S72.402J, S72.402K, S72.402M, S72.402N, S72.402P, S72.402Q, S72.402R, S72.402S, S72.409A, S72.409B, S72.409C, S72.409D, S72.409E, S72.409F, S72.409G, S72.409H, S72.409J, S72.409K, S72.409M, S72.409N, S72.409P, S72.409Q, S72.409R, S72.409S, S72.411A, S72.411B, S72.411C, S72.411D, S72.411E, S72.411F, S72.411G, S72.411H, S72.411J, S72.411K, S72.411M, S72.411N, S72.411P, S72.411Q, S72.411R, S72.411S, S72.412A, S72.412B, S72.412C, S72.412D, S72.412E, S72.412F, S72.412G, S72.412H, S72.412J, S72.412K, S72.412M, S72.412N, S72.412P, S72.412Q, S72.412R, S72.412S, S72.413A, S72.413B, S72.413C, S72.413D, S72.413E, S72.413F, S72.413G, S72.413H, S72.413J, S72.413K, S72.413M, S72.413N, S72.413P, S72.413Q, S72.413R, S72.413S, S72.414A, S72.414B, S72.414C, S72.414D, S72.414E, S72.414F, S72.414G, S72.414H, S72.414J, S72.414K, S72.414M, S72.414N, S72.414P, S72.414Q, S72.414R, S72.414S, S72.415A, S72.415B, S72.415C, S72.415D, S72.415E, S72.415F, S72.415G, S72.415H, S72.415J, S72.415K, S72.415M, S72.415N, S72.415P, S72.415Q, S72.415R, S72.415S, S72.416A, S72.416B, S72.416C, S72.416D, S72.416E, S72.416F, S72.416G, S72.416H, S72.416J, S72.416K, S72.416M, S72.416N, S72.416P, S72.416Q, S72.416R, S72.416S, S72.421A, S72.421B, S72.421C, S72.421D, S72.421E, S72.421F, S72.421G, S72.421H, S72.421J, S72.421K, S72.421M, S72.421N, S72.421P, S72.421Q, S72.421R, S72.421S, S72.422A, S72.422B, S72.422C, S72.422D, S72.422E, S72.422F, S72.422G, S72.422H, S72.422J, S72.422K, S72.422M, S72.422N, S72.422P, S72.422Q, S72.422R, S72.422S, S72.423A, S72.423B, S72.423C, S72.423D, S72.423E, S72.423F, S72.423G, S72.423H, S72.423J, S72.423K, S72.423M, S72.423N, S72.423P, S72.423Q, S72.423R, S72.423S, S72.424A, S72.424B, S72.424C, S72.424D, S72.424E, S72.424F, S72.424G, S72.424H, S72.424J, S72.424K, S72.424M, S72.424N, S72.424P, S72.424Q, S72.424R, S72.424S, S72.425A, S72.425B, S72.425C, S72.425D, S72.425E, S72.425F, S72.425G, S72.425H, S72.425J, S72.425K, S72.425M, S72.425N, S72.425P, S72.425Q, S72.425R, S72.425S, S72.426A, S72.426B, S72.426C, S72.426D, S72.426E, S72.426F, S72.426G, S72.426H, S72.426J, S72.426K, S72.426M, S72.426N, S72.426P, S72.426Q, S72.426R, S72.426S, S72.431A, S72.431B, S72.431C, S72.431D, S72.431E, S72.431F, S72.431G, S72.431H, S72.431J, S72.431K, S72.431M, S72.431N, S72.431P, S72.431Q, S72.431R, S72.431S, S72.432A, S72.432B, S72.432C, S72.432D, S72.432E, S72.432F, S72.432G, S72.432H, S72.432J, S72.432K, S72.432M, S72.432N, S72.432P, S72.432Q, S72.432R, S72.432S, S72.433A, S72.433B, S72.433C, S72.433D, S72.433E, S72.433F, S72.433G, S72.433H, S72.433J, S72.433K, S72.433M, S72.433N, S72.433P, S72.433Q, S72.433R, S72.433S, S72.434A, S72.434B, S72.434C, S72.434D, S72.434E, S72.434F, S72.434G, S72.434H, S72.434J, S72.434K, S72.434M, S72.434N, S72.434P, S72.434Q, S72.434R, S72.434S, S72.435A, S72.435B, S72.435C, S72.435D, S72.435E, S72.435F, S72.435G, S72.435H, S72.435J, S72.435K, S72.435M, S72.435N, S72.435P, S72.435Q, S72.435R, S72.435S, S72.436A, S72.436B, S72.436C, S72.436D, S72.436E, S72.436F, S72.436G, S72.436H, S72.436J, S72.436K, S72.436M, S72.436N, S72.436P, S72.436Q, S72.436R, S72.436S, S72.441A, S72.441B, S72.441C, S72.441D, S72.441E, S72.441F, S72.441G, S72.441H, S72.441J, S72.441K, S72.441M, S72.441N, S72.441P, S72.441Q, S72.441R, S72.441S, S72.442A, S72.442B, S72.442C, S72.442D, S72.442E, S72.442F, S72.442G, S72.442H, S72.442J, S72.442K, S72.442M, S72.442N, S72.442P, S72.442Q, S72.442R, S72.442S, S72.443A, S72.443B, S72.443C, S72.443D, S72.443E, S72.443F, S72.443G, S72.443H, S72.443J, S72.443K, S72.443M, S72.443N, S72.443P, S72.443Q, S72.443R, S72.443S, S72.444A, S72.444B, S72.444C, S72.444D, S72.444E, S72.444F, S72.444G, S72.444H, S72.444J, S72.444K, S72.444M, S72.444N, S72.444P, S72.444Q, S72.444R, S72.444S, S72.445A, S72.445B, S72.445C, S72.445D, S72.445E, S72.445F, S72.445G, S72.445H, S72.445J, S72.445K, S72.445M, S72.445N, S72.445P, S72.445Q, S72.445R, S72.445S, S72.446A, S72.446B, S72.446C, S72.446D, S72.446E, S72.446F, S72.446G, S72.446H, S72.446J, S72.446K, S72.446M, S72.446N, S72.446P, S72.446Q, S72.446R, S72.446S, S72.451A, S72.451B, S72.451C, S72.451D, S72.451E, S72.451F, S72.451G, S72.451H, S72.451J, S72.451K, S72.451M, S72.451N, S72.451P, S72.451Q, S72.451R, S72.451S, S72.452A, S72.452B, S72.452C, S72.452D, S72.452E, S72.452F, S72.452G, S72.452H, S72.452J, S72.452K, S72.452M, S72.452N, S72.452P, S72.452Q, S72.452R, S72.452S, S72.453A, S72.453B, S72.453C, S72.453D, S72.453E, S72.453F, S72.453G, S72.453H, S72.453J, S72.453K, S72.453M, S72.453N, S72.453P, S72.453Q, S72.453R, S72.453S, S72.454A, S72.454B, S72.454C, S72.454D, S72.454E, S72.454F, S72.454G, S72.454H, S72.454J, S72.454K, S72.454M, S72.454N, S72.454P, S72.454Q, S72.454R, S72.454S, S72.455A, S72.455B, S72.455C, S72.455D, S72.455E, S72.455F, S72.455G, S72.455H, S72.455J, S72.455K, S72.455M, S72.455N, S72.455P, S72.455Q, S72.455R, S72.455S, S72.456A, S72.456B, S72.456C, S72.456D, S72.456E, S72.456F, S72.456G, S72.456H, S72.456J, S72.456K, S72.456M, S72.456N, S72.456P, S72.456Q, S72.456R, S72.456S, S72.461A, S72.461B, S72.461C, S72.461D, S72.461E, S72.461F, S72.461G, S72.461H, S72.461J, S72.461K, S72.461M, S72.461N, S72.461P, S72.461Q, S72.461R, S72.461S, S72.462A, S72.462B, S72.462C, S72.462D, S72.462E, S72.462F, S72.462G, S72.462H, S72.462J, S72.462K, S72.462M, S72.462N, S72.462P, S72.462Q, S72.462R, S72.462S, S72.463A, S72.463B, S72.463C, S72.463D, S72.463E, S72.463F, S72.463G, S72.463H, S72.463J, S72.463K, S72.463M, S72.463N, S72.463P, S72.463Q, S72.463R, S72.463S, S72.464A, S72.464B, S72.464C, S72.464D, S72.464E, S72.464F, S72.464G, S72.464H, S72.464J, S72.464K, S72.464M, S72.464N, S72.464P, S72.464Q, S72.464R, S72.464S, S72.465A, S72.465B, S72.465C, S72.465D, S72.465E, S72.465F, S72.465G, S72.465H, S72.465J, S72.465K, S72.465M, S72.465N, S72.465P, S72.465Q, S72.465R, S72.465S, S72.466A, S72.466B, S72.466C, S72.466D, S72.466E, S72.466F, S72.466G, S72.466H, S72.466J, S72.466K, S72.466M, S72.466N, S72.466P, S72.466Q, S72.466R, S72.466S, S72.471A, S72.471D, S72.471G, S72.471K, S72.471P, S72.471S, S72.472A, S72.472D, S72.472G, S72.472K, S72.472P, S72.472S, S72.479A, S72.479D, S72.479G, S72.479K, S72.479P, S72.479S, S72.491A, S72.491B, S72.491C, S72.491D, S72.491E, S72.491F, S72.491G, S72.491H, S72.491J, S72.491K, S72.491M, S72.491N, S72.491P, S72.491Q, S72.491R, S72.491S, S72.492A, S72.492B, S72.492C, S72.492D, S72.492E, S72.492F, S72.492G, S72.492H, S72.492J, S72.492K, S72.492M, S72.492N, S72.492P, S72.492Q, S72.492R, S72.492S, S72.499A, S72.499B, S72.499C, S72.499D, S72.499E, S72.499F, S72.499G, S72.499H, S72.499J, S72.499K, S72.499M, S72.499N, S72.499P, S72.499Q, S72.499R, S72.499S, S72.8X1A, S72.8X1B, S72.8X1C, S72.8X1D, S72.8X1E, S72.8X1F, S72.8X1G, S72.8X1H, S72.8X1J, S72.8X1K, S72.8X1M, S72.8X1N, S72.8X1P, S72.8X1Q, S72.8X1R, S72.8X1S, S72.8X2A, S72.8X2B, S72.8X2C, S72.8X2D, S72.8X2E, S72.8X2F, S72.8X2G, S72.8X2H, S72.8X2J, S72.8X2K, S72.8X2M, S72.8X2N, S72.8X2P, S72.8X2Q, S72.8X2R, S72.8X2S, S72.8X9A, S72.8X9B, S72.8X9C, S72.8X9D, S72.8X9E, S72.8X9F, S72.8X9G, S72.8X9H, S72.8X9J, S72.8X9K, S72.8X9M, S72.8X9N, S72.8X9P, S72.8X9Q, S72.8X9R, S72.8X9S, S72.90XA, S72.90XB, S72.90XC, S72.90XD, S72.90XE, S72.90XF, S72.90XG, S72.90XH, S72.90XJ, S72.90XK, S72.90XM, S72.90XN, S72.90XP, S72.90XQ, S72.90XR, S72.90XS, S72.91XA, S72.91XB, S72.91XC, S72.91XD, S72.91XE, S72.91XF, S72.91XG, S72.91XH, S72.91XJ, S72.91XK, S72.91XM, S72.91XN, S72.91XP, S72.91XQ, S72.91XR, S72.91XS, S72.92XA, S72.92XB, S72.92XC, S72.92XD, S72.92XE, S72.92XF, S72.92XG, S72.92XH, S72.92XJ, S72.92XK, S72.92XM, S72.92XN, S72.92XP, S72.92XQ, S72.92XR, S72.92XS, S82.001A, S82.001B, S82.001C, S82.001D, S82.001E, S82.001F, S82.001G, S82.001H, S82.001J, S82.001K, S82.001M, S82.001N, S82.001P, S82.001Q, S82.001R, S82.001S, S82.002A, S82.002B, S82.002C, S82.002D, S82.002E, S82.002F, S82.002G, S82.002H, S82.002J, S82.002K, S82.002M, S82.002N, S82.002P, S82.002Q, S82.002R, S82.002S, S82.009A, S82.009B, S82.009C, S82.009D, S82.009E, S82.009F, S82.009G, S82.009H, S82.009J, S82.009K, S82.009M, S82.009N, S82.009P, S82.009Q, S82.009R, S82.009S, S82.011A, S82.011B, S82.011C, S82.011D, S82.011E, S82.011F, S82.011G, S82.011H, S82.011J, S82.011K, S82.011M, S82.011N, S82.011P, S82.011Q, S82.011R, S82.011S, S82.012A, S82.012B, S82.012C, S82.012D, S82.012E, S82.012F, S82.012G, S82.012H, S82.012J, S82.012K, S82.012M, S82.012N, S82.012P, S82.012Q, S82.012R, S82.012S, S82.013A, S82.013B, S82.013C, S82.013D, S82.013E, S82.013F, S82.013G, S82.013H, S82.013J, S82.013K, S82.013M, S82.013N, S82.013P, S82.013Q, S82.013R, S82.013S, S82.014A, S82.014B, S82.014C, S82.014D, S82.014E, S82.014F, S82.014G, S82.014H, S82.014J, S82.014K, S82.014M, S82.014N, S82.014P, S82.014Q, S82.014R, S82.014S, S82.015A, S82.015B, S82.015C, S82.015D, S82.015E, S82.015F, S82.015G, S82.015H, S82.015J, S82.015K, S82.015M, S82.015N, S82.015P, S82.015Q, S82.015R, S82.015S, S82.016A, S82.016B, S82.016C, S82.016D, S82.016E, S82.016F, S82.016G, S82.016H, S82.016J, S82.016K, S82.016M, S82.016N, S82.016P, S82.016Q, S82.016R, S82.016S, S82.021A, S82.021B, S82.021C, S82.021D, S82.021E, S82.021F, S82.021G, S82.021H, S82.021J, S82.021K, S82.021M, S82.021N, S82.021P, S82.021Q, S82.021R, S82.021S, S82.022A, S82.022B, S82.022C, S82.022D, S82.022E, S82.022F, S82.022G, S82.022H, S82.022J, S82.022K, S82.022M, S82.022N, S82.022P, S82.022Q, S82.022R, S82.022S, S82.023A, S82.023B, S82.023C, S82.023D, S82.023E, S82.023F, S82.023G, S82.023H, S82.023J, S82.023K, S82.023M, S82.023N, S82.023P, S82.023Q, S82.023R, S82.023S, S82.024A, S82.024B, S82.024C, S82.024D, S82.024E, S82.024F, S82.024G, S82.024H, S82.024J, S82.024K, S82.024M, S82.024N, S82.024P, S82.024Q, S82.024R, S82.024S, S82.025A, S82.025B, S82.025C, S82.025D, S82.025E, S82.025F, S82.025G, S82.025H, S82.025J, S82.025K, S82.025M, S82.025N, S82.025P, S82.025Q, S82.025R, S82.025S, S82.026A, S82.026B, S82.026C, S82.026D, S82.026E, S82.026F, S82.026G, S82.026H, S82.026J, S82.026K, S82.026M, S82.026N, S82.026P, S82.026Q, S82.026R, S82.026S, S82.031A, S82.031B, S82.031C, S82.031D, S82.031E, S82.031F, S82.031G, S82.031H, S82.031J, S82.031K, S82.031M, S82.031N, S82.031P, S82.031Q, S82.031R, S82.031S, S82.032A, S82.032B, S82.032C, S82.032D, S82.032E, S82.032F, S82.032G, S82.032H, S82.032J, S82.032K, S82.032M, S82.032N, S82.032P, S82.032Q, S82.032R, S82.032S, S82.033A, S82.033B, S82.033C, S82.033D, S82.033E, S82.033F, S82.033G, S82.033H, S82.033J, S82.033K, S82.033M, S82.033N, S82.033P, S82.033Q, S82.033R, S82.033S, S82.034A, S82.034B, S82.034C, S82.034D, S82.034E, S82.034F, S82.034G, S82.034H, S82.034J, S82.034K, S82.034M, S82.034N, S82.034P, S82.034Q, S82.034R, S82.034S, S82.035A, S82.035B, S82.035C, S82.035D, S82.035E, S82.035F, S82.035G, S82.035H, S82.035J, S82.035K, S82.035M, S82.035N, S82.035P, S82.035Q, S82.035R, S82.035S, S82.036A, S82.036B, S82.036C, S82.036D, S82.036E, S82.036F, S82.036G, S82.036H, S82.036J, S82.036K, S82.036M, S82.036N, S82.036P, S82.036Q, S82.036R, S82.036S, S82.041A, S82.041B, S82.041C, S82.041D, S82.041E, S82.041F, S82.041G, S82.041H, S82.041J, S82.041K, S82.041M, S82.041N, S82.041P, S82.041Q, S82.041R, S82.041S, S82.042A, S82.042B, S82.042C, S82.042D, S82.042E, S82.042F, S82.042G, S82.042H, S82.042J, S82.042K, S82.042M, S82.042N, S82.042P, S82.042Q, S82.042R, S82.042S, S82.043A, S82.043B, S82.043C, S82.043D, S82.043E, S82.043F, S82.043G, S82.043H, S82.043J, S82.043K, S82.043M, S82.043N, S82.043P, S82.043Q, S82.043R, S82.043S, S82.044A, S82.044B, S82.044C, S82.044D, S82.044E, S82.044F, S82.044G, S82.044H, S82.044J, S82.044K, S82.044M, S82.044N, S82.044P, S82.044Q, S82.044R, S82.044S, S82.045A, S82.045B, S82.045C, S82.045D, S82.045E, S82.045F, S82.045G, S82.045H, S82.045J, S82.045K, S82.045M, S82.045N, S82.045P, S82.045Q, S82.045R, S82.045S, S82.046A, S82.046B, S82.046C, S82.046D, S82.046E, S82.046F, S82.046G, S82.046H, S82.046J, S82.046K, S82.046M, S82.046N, S82.046P, S82.046Q, S82.046R, S82.046S, S82.091A, S82.091B, S82.091C, S82.091D, S82.091E, S82.091F, S82.091G, S82.091H, S82.091J, S82.091K, S82.091M, S82.091N, S82.091P, S82.091Q, S82.091R, S82.091S, S82.092A, S82.092B, S82.092C, S82.092D, S82.092E, S82.092F, S82.092G, S82.092H, S82.092J, S82.092K, S82.092M, S82.092N, S82.092P, S82.092Q, S82.092R, S82.092S, S82.099A, S82.099B, S82.099C, S82.099D, S82.099E, S82.099F, S82.099G, S82.099H, S82.099J, S82.099K, S82.099M, S82.099N, S82.099P, S82.099Q, S82.099R, S82.099S, S82.101A, S82.101B, S82.101C, S82.101D, S82.101E, S82.101F, S82.101G, S82.101H, S82.101J, S82.101K, S82.101M, S82.101N, S82.101P, S82.101Q, S82.101R, S82.101S, S82.102A, S82.102B, S82.102C, S82.102D, S82.102E, S82.102F, S82.102G, S82.102H, S82.102J, S82.102K, S82.102M, S82.102N, S82.102P, S82.102Q, S82.102R, S82.102S, S82.109A, S82.109B, S82.109C, S82.109D, S82.109E, S82.109F, S82.109G, S82.109H, S82.109J, S82.109K, S82.109M, S82.109N, S82.109P, S82.109Q, S82.109R, S82.109S, S82.111A, S82.111B, S82.111C, S82.111D, S82.111E, S82.111F, S82.111G, S82.111H, S82.111J, S82.111K, S82.111M, S82.111N, S82.111P, S82.111Q, S82.111R, S82.111S, S82.112A, S82.112B, S82.112C, S82.112D, S82.112E, S82.112F, S82.112G, S82.112H, S82.112J, S82.112K, S82.112M, S82.112N, S82.112P, S82.112Q, S82.112R, S82.112S, S82.113A, S82.113B, S82.113C, S82.113D, S82.113E, S82.113F, S82.113G, S82.113H, S82.113J, S82.113K, S82.113M, S82.113N, S82.113P, S82.113Q, S82.113R, S82.113S, S82.114A, S82.114B, S82.114C, S82.114D, S82.114E, S82.114F, S82.114G, S82.114H, S82.114J, S82.114K, S82.114M, S82.114N, S82.114P, S82.114Q, S82.114R, S82.114S, S82.115A, S82.115B, S82.115C, S82.115D, S82.115E, S82.115F, S82.115G, S82.115H, S82.115J, S82.115K, S82.115M, S82.115N, S82.115P, S82.115Q, S82.115R, S82.115S, S82.116A, S82.116B, S82.116C, S82.116D, S82.116E, S82.116F, S82.116G, S82.116H, S82.116J, S82.116K, S82.116M, S82.116N, S82.116P, S82.116Q, S82.116R, S82.116S, S82.121A, S82.121B, S82.121C, S82.121D, S82.121E, S82.121F, S82.121G, S82.121H, S82.121J, S82.121K, S82.121M, S82.121N, S82.121P, S82.121Q, S82.121R, S82.121S, S82.122A, S82.122B, S82.122C, S82.122D, S82.122E, S82.122F, S82.122G, S82.122H, S82.122J, S82.122K, S82.122M, S82.122N, S82.122P, S82.122Q, S82.122R, S82.122S, S82.123A, S82.123B, S82.123C, S82.123D, S82.123E, S82.123F, S82.123G, S82.123H, S82.123J, S82.123K, S82.123M, S82.123N, S82.123P, S82.123Q, S82.123R, S82.123S, S82.124A, S82.124B, S82.124C, S82.124D, S82.124E, S82.124F, S82.124G, S82.124H, S82.124J, S82.124K, S82.124M, S82.124N, S82.124P, S82.124Q, S82.124R, S82.124S, S82.125A, S82.125B, S82.125C, S82.125D, S82.125E, S82.125F, S82.125G, S82.125H, S82.125J, S82.125K, S82.125M, S82.125N, S82.125P, S82.125Q, S82.125R, S82.125S, S82.126A, S82.126B, S82.126C, S82.126D, S82.126E, S82.126F, S82.126G, S82.126H, S82.126J, S82.126K, S82.126M, S82.126N, S82.126P, S82.126Q, S82.126R, S82.126S, S82.131A, S82.131B, S82.131C, S82.131D, S82.131E, S82.131F, S82.131G, S82.131H, S82.131J, S82.131K, S82.131M, S82.131N, S82.131P, S82.131Q, S82.131R, S82.131S, S82.132A, S82.132B, S82.132C, S82.132D, S82.132E, S82.132F, S82.132G, S82.132H, S82.132J, S82.132K, S82.132M, S82.132N, S82.132P, S82.132Q, S82.132R, S82.132S, S82.133A, S82.133B, S82.133C, S82.133D, S82.133E, S82.133F, S82.133G, S82.133H, S82.133J, S82.133K, S82.133M, S82.133N, S82.133P, S82.133Q, S82.133R, S82.133S, S82.134A, S82.134B, S82.134C, S82.134D, S82.134E, S82.134F, S82.134G, S82.134H, S82.134J, S82.134K, S82.134M, S82.134N, S82.134P, S82.134Q, S82.134R, S82.134S, S82.135A, S82.135B, S82.135C, S82.135D, S82.135E, S82.135F, S82.135G, S82.135H, S82.135J, S82.135K, S82.135M, S82.135N, S82.135P, S82.135Q, S82.135R, S82.135S, S82.136A, S82.136B, S82.136C, S82.136D, S82.136E, S82.136F, S82.136G, S82.136H, S82.136J, S82.136K, S82.136M, S82.136N, S82.136P, S82.136Q, S82.136R, S82.136S, S82.141A, S82.141B, S82.141C, S82.141D, S82.141E, S82.141F, S82.141G, S82.141H, S82.141J, S82.141K, S82.141M, S82.141N, S82.141P, S82.141Q, S82.141R, S82.141S, S82.142A, S82.142B, S82.142C, S82.142D, S82.142E, S82.142F, S82.142G, S82.142H, S82.142J, S82.142K, S82.142M, S82.142N, S82.142P, S82.142Q, S82.142R, S82.142S, S82.143A, S82.143B, S82.143C, S82.143D, S82.143E, S82.143F, S82.143G, S82.143H, S82.143J, S82.143K, S82.143M, S82.143N, S82.143P, S82.143Q, S82.143R, S82.143S, S82.144A, S82.144B, S82.144C, S82.144D, S82.144E, S82.144F, S82.144G, S82.144H, S82.144J, S82.144K, S82.144M, S82.144N, S82.144P, S82.144Q, S82.144R, S82.144S, S82.145A, S82.145B, S82.145C, S82.145D, S82.145E, S82.145F, S82.145G, S82.145H, S82.145J, S82.145K, S82.145M, S82.145N, S82.145P, S82.145Q, S82.145R, S82.145S, S82.146A, S82.146B, S82.146C, S82.146D, S82.146E, S82.146F, S82.146G, S82.146H, S82.146J, S82.146K, S82.146M, S82.146N, S82.146P, S82.146Q, S82.146R, S82.146S, S82.151A, S82.151B, S82.151C, S82.151D, S82.151E, S82.151F, S82.151G, S82.151H, S82.151J, S82.151K, S82.151M, S82.151N, S82.151P, S82.151Q, S82.151R, S82.151S, S82.152A, S82.152B, S82.152C, S82.152D, S82.152E, S82.152F, S82.152G, S82.152H, S82.152J, S82.152K, S82.152M, S82.152N, S82.152P, S82.152Q, S82.152R, S82.152S, S82.153A, S82.153B, S82.153C, S82.153D, S82.153E, S82.153F, S82.153G, S82.153H, S82.153J, S82.153K, S82.153M, S82.153N, S82.153P, S82.153Q, S82.153R, S82.153S, S82.154A, S82.154B, S82.154C, S82.154D, S82.154E, S82.154F, S82.154G, S82.154H, S82.154J, S82.154K, S82.154M, S82.154N, S82.154P, S82.154Q, S82.154R, S82.154S, S82.155A, S82.155B, S82.155C, S82.155D, S82.155E, S82.155F, S82.155G, S82.155H, S82.155J, S82.155K, S82.155M, S82.155N, S82.155P, S82.155Q, S82.155R, S82.155S, S82.156A, S82.156B, S82.156C, S82.156D, S82.156E, S82.156F, S82.156G, S82.156H, S82.156J, S82.156K, S82.156M, S82.156N, S82.156P, S82.156Q, S82.156R, S82.156S, S82.161A, S82.161D, S82.161G, S82.161K, S82.161P, S82.161S, S82.162A, S82.162D, S82.162G, S82.162K, S82.162P, S82.162S, S82.169A, S82.169D, S82.169G, S82.169K, S82.169P, S82.169S, S82.191A, S82.191B, S82.191C, S82.191D, S82.191E, S82.191F, S82.191G, S82.191H, S82.191J, S82.191K, S82.191M, S82.191N, S82.191P, S82.191Q, S82.191R, S82.191S, S82.192A, S82.192B, S82.192C, S82.192D, S82.192E, S82.192F, S82.192G, S82.192H, S82.192J, S82.192K, S82.192M, S82.192N, S82.192P, S82.192Q, S82.192R, S82.192S, S82.199A, S82.199B, S82.199C, S82.199D, S82.199E, S82.199F, S82.199G, S82.199H, S82.199J, S82.199K, S82.199M, S82.199N, S82.199P, S82.199Q, S82.199R, S82.199S, S82.201A, S82.201B, S82.201C, S82.201D, S82.201E, S82.201F, S82.201G, S82.201H, S82.201J, S82.201K, S82.201M, S82.201N, S82.201P, S82.201Q, S82.201R, S82.201S, S82.202A, S82.202B, S82.202C, S82.202D, S82.202E, S82.202F, S82.202G, S82.202H, S82.202J, S82.202K, S82.202M, S82.202N, S82.202P, S82.202Q, S82.202R, S82.202S, S82.209A, S82.209B, S82.209C, S82.209D, S82.209E, S82.209F, S82.209G, S82.209H, S82.209J, S82.209K, S82.209M, S82.209N, S82.209P, S82.209Q, S82.209R, S82.209S, S82.221A, S82.221B, S82.221C, S82.221D, S82.221E, S82.221F, S82.221G, S82.221H, S82.221J, S82.221K, S82.221M, S82.221N, S82.221P, S82.221Q, S82.221R, S82.221S, S82.222A, S82.222B, S82.222C, S82.222D, S82.222E, S82.222F, S82.222G, S82.222H, S82.222J, S82.222K, S82.222M, S82.222N, S82.222P, S82.222Q, S82.222R, S82.222S, S82.223A, S82.223B, S82.223C, S82.223D, S82.223E, S82.223F, S82.223G, S82.223H, S82.223J, S82.223K, S82.223M, S82.223N, S82.223P, S82.223Q, S82.223R, S82.223S, S82.224A, S82.224B, S82.224C, S82.224D, S82.224E, S82.224F, S82.224G, S82.224H, S82.224J, S82.224K, S82.224M, S82.224N, S82.224P, S82.224Q, S82.224R, S82.224S, S82.225A, S82.225B, S82.225C, S82.225D, S82.225E, S82.225F, S82.225G, S82.225H, S82.225J, S82.225K, S82.225M, S82.225N, S82.225P, S82.225Q, S82.225R, S82.225S, S82.226A, S82.226B, S82.226C, S82.226D, S82.226E, S82.226F, S82.226G, S82.226H, S82.226J, S82.226K, S82.226M, S82.226N, S82.226P, S82.226Q, S82.226R, S82.226S, S82.231A, S82.231B, S82.231C, S82.231D, S82.231E, S82.231F, S82.231G, S82.231H, S82.231J, S82.231K, S82.231M, S82.231N, S82.231P, S82.231Q, S82.231R, S82.231S, S82.232A, S82.232B, S82.232C, S82.232D, S82.232E, S82.232F, S82.232G, S82.232H, S82.232J, S82.232K, S82.232M, S82.232N, S82.232P, S82.232Q, S82.232R, S82.232S, S82.233A, S82.233B, S82.233C, S82.233D, S82.233E, S82.233F, S82.233G, S82.233H, S82.233J, S82.233K, S82.233M, S82.233N, S82.233P, S82.233Q, S82.233R, S82.233S, S82.234A, S82.234B, S82.234C, S82.234D, S82.234E, S82.234F, S82.234G, S82.234H, S82.234J, S82.234K, S82.234M, S82.234N, S82.234P, S82.234Q, S82.234R, S82.234S, S82.235A, S82.235B, S82.235C, S82.235D, S82.235E, S82.235F, S82.235G, S82.235H, S82.235J, S82.235K, S82.235M, S82.235N, S82.235P, S82.235Q, S82.235R, S82.235S, S82.236A, S82.236B, S82.236C, S82.236D, S82.236E, S82.236F, S82.236G, S82.236H, S82.236J, S82.236K, S82.236M, S82.236N, S82.236P, S82.236Q, S82.236R, S82.236S, S82.241A, S82.241B, S82.241C, S82.241D, S82.241E, S82.241F, S82.241G, S82.241H, S82.241J, S82.241K, S82.241M, S82.241N, S82.241P, S82.241Q, S82.241R, S82.241S, S82.242A, S82.242B, S82.242C, S82.242D, S82.242E, S82.242F, S82.242G, S82.242H, S82.242J, S82.242K, S82.242M, S82.242N, S82.242P, S82.242Q, S82.242R, S82.242S, S82.243A, S82.243B, S82.243C, S82.243D, S82.243E, S82.243F, S82.243G, S82.243H, S82.243J, S82.243K, S82.243M, S82.243N, S82.243P, S82.243Q, S82.243R, S82.243S, S82.244A, S82.244B, S82.244C, S82.244D, S82.244E, S82.244F, S82.244G, S82.244H, S82.244J, S82.244K, S82.244M, S82.244N, S82.244P, S82.244Q, S82.244R, S82.244S, S82.245A, S82.245B, S82.245C, S82.245D, S82.245E, S82.245F, S82.245G, S82.245H, S82.245J, S82.245K, S82.245M, S82.245N, S82.245P, S82.245Q, S82.245R, S82.245S, S82.246A, S82.246B, S82.246C, S82.246D, S82.246E, S82.246F, S82.246G, S82.246H, S82.246J, S82.246K, S82.246M, S82.246N, S82.246P, S82.246Q, S82.246R, S82.246S, S82.251A, S82.251B, S82.251C, S82.251D, S82.251E, S82.251F, S82.251G, S82.251H, S82.251J, S82.251K, S82.251M, S82.251N, S82.251P, S82.251Q, S82.251R, S82.251S, S82.252A, S82.252B, S82.252C, S82.252D, S82.252E, S82.252F, S82.252G, S82.252H, S82.252J, S82.252K, S82.252M, S82.252N, S82.252P, S82.252Q, S82.252R, S82.252S, S82.253A, S82.253B, S82.253C, S82.253D, S82.253E, S82.253F, S82.253G, S82.253H, S82.253J, S82.253K, S82.253M, S82.253N, S82.253P, S82.253Q, S82.253R, S82.253S, S82.254A, S82.254B, S82.254C, S82.254D, S82.254E, S82.254F, S82.254G, S82.254H, S82.254J, S82.254K, S82.254M, S82.254N, S82.254P, S82.254Q, S82.254R, S82.254S, S82.255A, S82.255B, S82.255C, S82.255D, S82.255E, S82.255F, S82.255G, S82.255H, S82.255J, S82.255K, S82.255M, S82.255N, S82.255P, S82.255Q, S82.255R, S82.255S, S82.256A, S82.256B, S82.256C, S82.256D, S82.256E, S82.256F, S82.256G, S82.256H, S82.256J, S82.256K, S82.256M, S82.256N, S82.256P, S82.256Q, S82.256R, S82.256S, S82.261A, S82.261B, S82.261C, S82.261D, S82.261E, S82.261F, S82.261G, S82.261H, S82.261J, S82.261K, S82.261M, S82.261N, S82.261P, S82.261Q, S82.261R, S82.261S, S82.262A, S82.262B, S82.262C, S82.262D, S82.262E, S82.262F, S82.262G, S82.262H, S82.262J, S82.262K, S82.262M, S82.262N, S82.262P, S82.262Q, S82.262R, S82.262S, S82.263A, S82.263B, S82.263C, S82.263D, S82.263E, S82.263F, S82.263G, S82.263H, S82.263J, S82.263K, S82.263M, S82.263N, S82.263P, S82.263Q, S82.263R, S82.263S, S82.264A, S82.264B, S82.264C, S82.264D, S82.264E, S82.264F, S82.264G, S82.264H, S82.264J, S82.264K, S82.264M, S82.264N, S82.264P, S82.264Q, S82.264R, S82.264S, S82.265A, S82.265B, S82.265C, S82.265D, S82.265E, S82.265F, S82.265G, S82.265H, S82.265J, S82.265K, S82.265M, S82.265N, S82.265P, S82.265Q, S82.265R, S82.265S, S82.266A, S82.266B, S82.266C, S82.266D, S82.266E, S82.266F, S82.266G, S82.266H, S82.266J, S82.266K, S82.266M, S82.266N, S82.266P, S82.266Q, S82.266R, S82.266S, S82.291A, S82.291B, S82.291C, S82.291D, S82.291E, S82.291F, S82.291G, S82.291H, S82.291J, S82.291K, S82.291M, S82.291N, S82.291P, S82.291Q, S82.291R, S82.291S, S82.292A, S82.292B, S82.292C, S82.292D, S82.292E, S82.292F, S82.292G, S82.292H, S82.292J, S82.292K, S82.292M, S82.292N, S82.292P, S82.292Q, S82.292R, S82.292S, S82.299A, S82.299B, S82.299C, S82.299D, S82.299E, S82.299F, S82.299G, S82.299H, S82.299J, S82.299K, S82.299M, S82.299N, S82.299P, S82.299Q, S82.299R, S82.299S, S82.301A, S82.301B, S82.301C, S82.301D, S82.301E, S82.301F, S82.301G, S82.301H, S82.301J, S82.301K, S82.301M, S82.301N, S82.301P, S82.301Q, S82.301R, S82.301S, S82.302A, S82.302B, S82.302C, S82.302D, S82.302E, S82.302F, S82.302G, S82.302H, S82.302J, S82.302K, S82.302M, S82.302N, S82.302P, S82.302Q, S82.302R, S82.302S, S82.309A, S82.309B, S82.309C, S82.309D, S82.309E, S82.309F, S82.309G, S82.309H, S82.309J, S82.309K, S82.309M, S82.309N, S82.309P, S82.309Q, S82.309R, S82.309S, S82.311A, S82.311D, S82.311G, S82.311K, S82.311P, S82.311S, S82.312A, S82.312D, S82.312G, S82.312K, S82.312P, S82.312S, S82.319A, S82.319D, S82.319G, S82.319K, S82.319P, S82.319S, S82.391A, S82.391B, S82.391C, S82.391D, S82.391E, S82.391F, S82.391G, S82.391H, S82.391J, S82.391K, S82.391M, S82.391N, S82.391P, S82.391Q, S82.391R, S82.391S, S82.392A, S82.392B, S82.392C, S82.392D, S82.392E, S82.392F, S82.392G, S82.392H, S82.392J, S82.392K, S82.392M, S82.392N, S82.392P, S82.392Q, S82.392R, S82.392S, S82.399A, S82.399B, S82.399C, S82.399D, S82.399E, S82.399F, S82.399G, S82.399H, S82.399J, S82.399K, S82.399M, S82.399N, S82.399P, S82.399Q, S82.399R, S82.399S, S82.401A, S82.401B, S82.401C, S82.401D, S82.401E, S82.401F, S82.401G, S82.401H, S82.401J, S82.401K, S82.401M, S82.401N, S82.401P, S82.401Q, S82.401R, S82.401S, S82.402A, S82.402B, S82.402C, S82.402D, S82.402E, S82.402F, S82.402G, S82.402H, S82.402J, S82.402K, S82.402M, S82.402N, S82.402P, S82.402Q, S82.402R, S82.402S, S82.409A, S82.409B, S82.409C, S82.409D, S82.409E, S82.409F, S82.409G, S82.409H, S82.409J, S82.409K, S82.409M, S82.409N, S82.409P, S82.409Q, S82.409R, S82.409S, S82.421A, S82.421B, S82.421C, S82.421D, S82.421E, S82.421F, S82.421G, S82.421H, S82.421J, S82.421K, S82.421M, S82.421N, S82.421P, S82.421Q, S82.421R, S82.421S, S82.422A, S82.422B, S82.422C, S82.422D, S82.422E, S82.422F, S82.422G, S82.422H, S82.422J, S82.422K, S82.422M, S82.422N, S82.422P, S82.422Q, S82.422R, S82.422S, S82.423A, S82.423B, S82.423C, S82.423D, S82.423E, S82.423F, S82.423G, S82.423H, S82.423J, S82.423K, S82.423M, S82.423N, S82.423P, S82.423Q, S82.423R, S82.423S, S82.424A, S82.424B, S82.424C, S82.424D, S82.424E, S82.424F, S82.424G, S82.424H, S82.424J, S82.424K, S82.424M, S82.424N, S82.424P, S82.424Q, S82.424R, S82.424S, S82.425A, S82.425B, S82.425C, S82.425D, S82.425E, S82.425F, S82.425G, S82.425H, S82.425J, S82.425K, S82.425M, S82.425N, S82.425P, S82.425Q, S82.425R, S82.425S, S82.426A, S82.426B, S82.426C, S82.426D, S82.426E, S82.426F, S82.426G, S82.426H, S82.426J, S82.426K, S82.426M, S82.426N, S82.426P, S82.426Q, S82.426R, S82.426S, S82.431A, S82.431B, S82.431C, S82.431D, S82.431E, S82.431F, S82.431G, S82.431H, S82.431J, S82.431K, S82.431M, S82.431N, S82.431P, S82.431Q, S82.431R, S82.431S, S82.432A, S82.432B, S82.432C, S82.432D, S82.432E, S82.432F, S82.432G, S82.432H, S82.432J, S82.432K, S82.432M, S82.432N, S82.432P, S82.432Q, S82.432R, S82.432S, S82.433A, S82.433B, S82.433C, S82.433D, S82.433E, S82.433F, S82.433G, S82.433H, S82.433J, S82.433K, S82.433M, S82.433N, S82.433P, S82.433Q, S82.433R, S82.433S, S82.434A, S82.434B, S82.434C, S82.434D, S82.434E, S82.434F, S82.434G, S82.434H, S82.434J, S82.434K, S82.434M, S82.434N, S82.434P, S82.434Q, S82.434R, S82.434S, S82.435A, S82.435B, S82.435C, S82.435D, S82.435E, S82.435F, S82.435G, S82.435H, S82.435J, S82.435K, S82.435M, S82.435N, S82.435P, S82.435Q, S82.435R, S82.435S, S82.436A, S82.436B, S82.436C, S82.436D, S82.436E, S82.436F, S82.436G, S82.436H, S82.436J, S82.436K, S82.436M, S82.436N, S82.436P, S82.436Q, S82.436R, S82.436S, S82.441A, S82.441B, S82.441C, S82.441D, S82.441E, S82.441F, S82.441G, S82.441H, S82.441J, S82.441K, S82.441M, S82.441N, S82.441P, S82.441Q, S82.441R, S82.441S, S82.442A, S82.442B, S82.442C, S82.442D, S82.442E, S82.442F, S82.442G, S82.442H, S82.442J, S82.442K, S82.442M, S82.442N, S82.442P, S82.442Q, S82.442R, S82.442S, S82.443A, S82.443B, S82.443C, S82.443D, S82.443E, S82.443F, S82.443G, S82.443H, S82.443J, S82.443K, S82.443M, S82.443N, S82.443P, S82.443Q, S82.443R, S82.443S, S82.444A, S82.444B, S82.444C, S82.444D, S82.444E, S82.444F, S82.444G, S82.444H, S82.444J, S82.444K, S82.444M, S82.444N, S82.444P, S82.444Q, S82.444R, S82.444S, S82.445A, S82.445B, S82.445C, S82.445D, S82.445E, S82.445F, S82.445G, S82.445H, S82.445J, S82.445K, S82.445M, S82.445N, S82.445P, S82.445Q, S82.445R, S82.445S, S82.446A, S82.446B, S82.446C, S82.446D, S82.446E, S82.446F, S82.446G, S82.446H, S82.446J, S82.446K, S82.446M, S82.446N, S82.446P, S82.446Q, S82.446R, S82.446S, S82.451A, S82.451B, S82.451C, S82.451D, S82.451E, S82.451F, S82.451G, S82.451H, S82.451J, S82.451K, S82.451M, S82.451N, S82.451P, S82.451Q, S82.451R, S82.451S, S82.452A, S82.452B, S82.452C, S82.452D, S82.452E, S82.452F, S82.452G, S82.452H, S82.452J, S82.452K, S82.452M, S82.452N, S82.452P, S82.452Q, S82.452R, S82.452S, S82.453A, S82.453B, S82.453C, S82.453D, S82.453E, S82.453F, S82.453G, S82.453H, S82.453J, S82.453K, S82.453M, S82.453N, S82.453P, S82.453Q, S82.453R, S82.453S, S82.454A, S82.454B, S82.454C, S82.454D, S82.454E, S82.454F, S82.454G, S82.454H, S82.454J, S82.454K, S82.454M, S82.454N, S82.454P, S82.454Q, S82.454R, S82.454S, S82.455A, S82.455B, S82.455C, S82.455D, S82.455E, S82.455F, S82.455G, S82.455H, S82.455J, S82.455K, S82.455M, S82.455N, S82.455P, S82.455Q, S82.455R, S82.455S, S82.456A, S82.456B, S82.456C, S82.456D, S82.456E, S82.456F, S82.456G, S82.456H, S82.456J, S82.456K, S82.456M, S82.456N, S82.456P, S82.456Q, S82.456R, S82.456S, S82.461A, S82.461B, S82.461C, S82.461D, S82.461E, S82.461F, S82.461G, S82.461H, S82.461J, S82.461K, S82.461M, S82.461N, S82.461P, S82.461Q, S82.461R, S82.461S, S82.462A, S82.462B, S82.462C, S82.462D, S82.462E, S82.462F, S82.462G, S82.462H, S82.462J, S82.462K, S82.462M, S82.462N, S82.462P, S82.462Q, S82.462R, S82.462S, S82.463A, S82.463B, S82.463C, S82.463D, S82.463E, S82.463F, S82.463G, S82.463H, S82.463J, S82.463K, S82.463M, S82.463N, S82.463P, S82.463Q, S82.463R, S82.463S, S82.464A, S82.464B, S82.464C, S82.464D, S82.464E, S82.464F, S82.464G, S82.464H, S82.464J, S82.464K, S82.464M, S82.464N, S82.464P, S82.464Q, S82.464R, S82.464S, S82.465A, S82.465B, S82.465C, S82.465D, S82.465E, S82.465F, S82.465G, S82.465H, S82.465J, S82.465K, S82.465M, S82.465N, S82.465P, S82.465Q, S82.465R, S82.465S, S82.466A, S82.466B, S82.466C, S82.466D, S82.466E, S82.466F, S82.466G, S82.466H, S82.466J, S82.466K, S82.466M, S82.466N, S82.466P, S82.466Q, S82.466R, S82.466S, S82.491A, S82.491B, S82.491C, S82.491D, S82.491E, S82.491F, S82.491G, S82.491H, S82.491J, S82.491K, S82.491M, S82.491N, S82.491P, S82.491Q, S82.491R, S82.491S, S82.492A, S82.492B, S82.492C, S82.492D, S82.492E, S82.492F, S82.492G, S82.492H, S82.492J, S82.492K, S82.492M, S82.492N, S82.492P, S82.492Q, S82.492R, S82.492S, S82.499A, S82.499B, S82.499C, S82.499D, S82.499E, S82.499F, S82.499G, S82.499H, S82.499J, S82.499K, S82.499M, S82.499N, S82.499P, S82.499Q, S82.499R, S82.499S, S99.001A, S99.001B, S99.001D, S99.001G, S99.001K, S99.001P, S99.001S, S99.002A, S99.002B, S99.002D, S99.002G, S99.002K, S99.002P, S99.002S, S99.009A, S99.009B, S99.009D, S99.009G, S99.009K, S99.009P, S99.009S, S99.011A, S99.011B, S99.011D, S99.011G, S99.011K, S99.011P, S99.011S, S99.012A, S99.012B, S99.012D, S99.012G, S99.012K, S99.012P, S99.012S, S99.019A, S99.019B, S99.019D, S99.019G, S99.019K, S99.019P, S99.019S, S99.021A, S99.021B, S99.021D, S99.021G, S99.021K, S99.021P, S99.021S, S99.022A, S99.022B, S99.022D, S99.022G, S99.022K, S99.022P, S99.022S, S99.029A, S99.029B, S99.029D, S99.029G, S99.029K, S99.029P, S99.029S, S99.031A, S99.031B, S99.031D, S99.031G, S99.031K, S99.031P, S99.031S, S99.032A, S99.032B, S99.032D, S99.032G, S99.032K, S99.032P, S99.032S, S99.039A, S99.039B, S99.039D, S99.039G, S99.039K, S99.039P, S99.039S, S99.041A, S99.041B, S99.041D, S99.041G, S99.041K, S99.041P, S99.041S, S99.042A, S99.042B, S99.042D, S99.042G, S99.042K, S99.042P, S99.042S, S99.049A, S99.049B, S99.049D, S99.049G, S99.049K, S99.049P, S99.049S, S99.091A, S99.091B, S99.091D, S99.091G, S99.091K, S99.091P, S99.091S, S99.092A, S99.092B, S99.092D, S99.092G, S99.092K, S99.092P, S99.092S, S99.099A, S99.099B, S99.099D, S99.099G, S99.099K, S99.099P, S99.099S, S99.101A, S99.101B, S99.101D, S99.101G, S99.101K, S99.101P, S99.101S, S99.102A, S99.102B, S99.102D, S99.102G, S99.102K, S99.102P, S99.102S, S99.109A, S99.109B, S99.109D, S99.109G, S99.109K, S99.109P, S99.109S, S99.111A, S99.111B, S99.111D, S99.111G, S99.111K, S99.111P, S99.111S, S99.112A, S99.112B, S99.112D, S99.112G, S99.112K, S99.112P, S99.112S, S99.119A, S99.119B, S99.119D, S99.119G, S99.119K, S99.119P, S99.119S, S99.121A, S99.121B, S99.121D, S99.121G, S99.121K, S99.121P, S99.121S, S99.122A, S99.122B, S99.122D, S99.122G, S99.122K, S99.122P, S99.122S, S99.129A, S99.129B, S99.129D, S99.129G, S99.129K, S99.129P, S99.129S, S99.131A, S99.131B, S99.131D, S99.131G, S99.131K, S99.131P, S99.131S, S99.132A, S99.132B, S99.132D, S99.132G, S99.132K, S99.132P, S99.132S, S99.139A, S99.139B, S99.139D, S99.139G, S99.139K, S99.139P, S99.139S, S99.141A, S99.141B, S99.141D, S99.141G, S99.141K, S99.141P, S99.141S, S99.142A, S99.142B, S99.142D, S99.142G, S99.142K, S99.142P, S99.142S, S99.149A, S99.149B, S99.149D, S99.149G, S99.149K, S99.149P, S99.149S, S99.191A, S99.191B, S99.191D, S99.191G, S99.191K, S99.191P, S99.191S, S99.192A, S99.192B, S99.192D, S99.192G, S99.192K, S99.192P, S99.192S, S99.199A, S99.199B, S99.199D, S99.199G, S99.199K, S99.199P, S99.199S
Diagnosis: Fracture – Lower Body: SNOMED 1705000, 5913000, 6628008, 7687006, 9344009, 12746007, 13695006, 15474008, 17616007, 19652000, 20100009, 22234005, 22802006, 23900009, 25415003, 26442006, 26938002, 28012007, 28359007, 28576007, 30060003, 30489009, 30905007, 33118001, 36127009, 36417005, 39408006, 41191003, 45455009, 46272008, 47848000, 51037009, 52450003, 54441004, 59556008, 59639009, 59962009, 60214001, 62125005, 64455005, 66483005, 66926007, 69830008, 71220005, 71620000, 76911006, 77598002, 77803008, 79484004, 79978005, 80756009, 82640004, 84320000, 86731008, 87173003, 89820008, 91037003, 111643005, 111644004, 111645003, 111646002, 127287001, 208146001, 208147005, 208148000, 208149008, 208150008, 208151007, 208155003, 208156002, 208157006, 208158001, 208159009, 208160004, 208164008, 208165009, 208166005, 208168006, 208172005, 208173000, 208174006, 208181004, 208182006, 208183001, 208184007, 208185008, 208192003, 208193008, 208194002, 208195001, 208197009, 208202002, 208204001, 208205000, 208207008, 208521006, 208523009, 208524003, 208526001, 208528000, 208529008, 208530003, 208531004, 208534007, 208536009, 208537000, 208540000, 208541001, 208542008, 208543003, 208544009, 208548007, 208550004, 208551000, 208552007, 208555009, 208557001, 208558006, 208559003, 208562000, 208578003, 208579006, 208580009, 208581008, 208582001, 208587007, 208588002, 208589005, 208590001, 208591002, 208596007, 208597003, 208598008, 208600002, 208601003, 208602005, 208603000, 208604006, 208605007, 208606008, 208610006, 208611005, 208612003, 208613008, 208614002, 208615001, 208619007, 208620001, 208621002, 208622009, 208623004, 208624005, 208625006, 208627003, 208629000, 208631009, 208632002, 208637008, 208731002, 209335002, 209336001, 209337005, 209338000, 209344001, 209345000, 209346004, 209347008, 209390009, 209395004, 209405008, 263067005, 263096006, 263216001, 263220002, 263221003, 263222005, 263225007, 263226008, 263227004, 263228009, 263229001, 263231005, 263232003, 263233008, 263234002, 263235001, 263236000, 263237009, 263238004, 263239007, 271963003, 275338001, 275339009, 275340006, 275341005, 275342003, 275343008, 281533006, 301034006, 301757009, 302034009, 307178006, 307727005, 308153009, 359817006, 359820003, 361118003, 361119006, 413876003, 413877007, 414942001, 414943006, 426382004, 426679004, 426962008, 427509002, 427584009, 427688003, 427826000, 428000009, 428020005, 428232002, 428257007, 428357005, 428512002, 428723000, 428797006, 428798001, 429186005, 429342005, 429552008, 429766001, 445311003, 445410003, 445733003, 445875009, 445899009, 446979005, 446980008, 447017008, 447139008, 447394009, 447395005
Diagnosis: Severe Dementia: SNOMED 428351000124105