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Cloud Based PM + EMR Functionality Video

Narrator: Are rising IT costs, server maintenance, and data backups causing your practice pain and worry? Then you may benefit from MicroMD’s cloud-based PM and EMR software solution.

With our cloud-based solution your PM and EMR software is hosted on our Microsoft Server Technologies, which offer state of the art controlled environment. This eliminates your need for your own server, helps reduce IT staff costs and frees up time from daily data backups.

Bruce Lieberthal: Micro MD clients who are good candidates for cloud-based PM and EMR solutions are those doctors and practices who really what to get out of the vicious cycle of re-buying hardware, maintaining systems, running backups and really being IT specialists instead of doctors.

Narrator: The Micro MD cloud-based PM and EMR provides secured off-site software and data storage, data disaster recovery and managed data backups, 24/7 secured access monitoring and maintenance, integrated and scheduled software upgrades to minimize office down time, and 99 percent up time.

Bruce Lieberthal: One of the great benefits of cloud-based PM and EMR, among the many, is that we will do the backup for the doctor. Since we’re maintaining the systems on our servers and the database is located with us in a secured location, we do the backup every single day. One of the key concerns we have as a company and that practices have is that when systems go down, data can get lost. With the cloud-based PM and EMR solutions and us doing the backup, that concern goes away because we maintain the systems and we do the backups reliably, securely everyday.

Narrator: From the secure high speed internet connection and accessing your PM and EMR software from any office PC, to the peace of mind of not worrying about system failure and data lost, the benefits of the cloud-based solution will be worth the investment.

Bruce Lieberthal: Since the practice accesses the system through the internet, virtually any place that they are, with any internet connection, from any device that has internet connectivity will be an access point to their office. So whether they’re in their office or their home or they’re on vacation or they’re anywhere, they have 24/7 anywhere, anytime access that is safe, secure and available.

Narrator: The software offers full functionality. We maintain the back-end technology including automated HIPAA compliant, redundant data backup, processing power, upgrades and systems. All the client needs is a high-speed internet connection and a computer.

Bruce Lieberthal: Among the benefits of a cloud-based PM and EMR environment is the lowering of the investment that the practice needs to make. So, not only are they not buying hardware every couple of years which is expensive or maintaining servers or paying IT teams to come in and maintain their systems, so they lose all that investment, but in many cases you can purchase cloud-based PM and EMR systems through a convenient, steady monthly cost or bill; and because there is no significant down payment at the beginning, which is a frustration for practices to have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars up-front to license software. Those licensing costs go away. Essentially what you are doing is subscribing to the service and paying a routine monthly bill every single month, which is low and affordable, doesn’t drain the practice, there is no sudden bill that you have to pay and you never really have to buy hardware.

Narrator: With the cloud-based solution eliminating staff time on server and data issues, your practice can focus on maximizing Micro MD and learning how to integrate the software into daily use to increase practice efficiency.

Bruce Lieberthal: One of the really exciting benefits of cloud-based PM and EMR systems, both for the practice and for us, is that we can upgrade the systems remotely because the servers are with us, because the software is really with us and accessed remotely over the internet by the practice, we can upgrade the systems remotely. This not only relieves the practice of all the frustration and time of upgrading their own systems, it allows us to upgrade multiple systems and keep our customers at the same level all the time. Among other things that this allows us to do is as we bring great new services and functionality to the software we can release it more quickly and more efficiently and again there is no time that the practice has to spend, at all, in upgrading their system, we do that all for them remotely, automatically and securely.

Narrator: To learn more about Micro MD cloud-based PM and EMR software solutions, contact us at 800-624-8832 or visit us at

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