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Feb 21

How is Cloud Computing More Secure?

As cyber crime begins to rise, healthcare professionals take note and look for more secure measures.

As cybersecurity becomes a greater concern across all industries, healthcare professionals have taken note of the cyber crimes in the healthcare industry. Securing patient data remains at the forefront of our endeavors, but what systems or protocols need enacted to achieve this? Cloud computing benefits continue to become glaringly apparent. We know what you’re thinking: Is it really more secure? Yes, it is, and we can tell you why.

Data control doesn’t equal data security

Many people opposed to cloud computing feel that way because they feel a loss of control over their data. In reality, anything accessible from the outside, whether on you website or in the cloud, risks undergoing an attack. Cybercriminals, like most other criminals, are opportunistic. Therefore, while keeping your data storage in house allows you a degree of control, the odds are  it would be more secure in a cloud environment.

4 Reasons data stored on the cloud is more secure

1. Cloud storage offers strong perimeters and constant surveillance

Cloud service providers house multi-layered defenses to ensure data remains untouched by criminal hands. These providers put actual physical barriers in place around their facilities, such as high fences, barbed wired, concrete barriers, guards, and security cameras. With each of these barriers in place, rest assured knowing no unauthorized personnel have access to the data.

2. Controlled access control

In any business, different users require different levels of access. With secure cloud storage, employees, vendors, and visitors to your business access different sets of data stored separately in the cloud. This lack of physical access eliminates the opportunity for data acquisition by those with malicious attempt, or prodding eyes.

3. Cybersecurity expertise and 24/7 monitoring

As a member of the healthcare industry, there are many areas that you are an expert in but cybersecurity likely isn’t one of them. Cloud service providers specialize in keeping data safe and secure. Cloud infrastructures are monitored around the clock so that potential threats are detected and stopped. When you use the cloud you have access to the gold standard of data centers. Also, you gain access to highly skilled IT professionals whose job it is to keep your data out of the grubby hands of opportunistic cybercriminals.

4. Cloud storage is frequently audited for data integrity

Yes, the possibility of placing a system in your practice to monitor your on-site network and security protocols remains a viable solution. However, do you have the time to analyze the working elements in your system versus those that must be adjusted? We will let you answer that question. Cloud service providers are required to undergo yearly audits in order to detect and fix flaws in their security systems.

While it feels comforting to have control over your data, cloud service providers are experts in the latest cybersecurity measures. They’re especially qualified to keep your information safe from cybercriminals looking to exploit weakness to make a quick buck. Don’t let a relative lack of familiarity with cloud computing keep you from making a safe choice.

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