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Amerinet selected MicroMD PM + EMR

Members are eligible for 20% software license discount
Contract Number: VH10759

Henry Schein MicroMD® PM and EMR software is full-featured, time-tested and budget-friendly. MicroMD EMR is a Complete Ambulatory 2014 Edition CEHRT certified through ICSA Labs with the goal of helping small practices, large medical groups and community health centers accelerate progress towards a paperless environment and health information exchange with minimal disruption and stress. High client retention rates attest to their market-leading presence and client-centric focus.

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How does this benefit you?

Your Amerinet membership qualifies you for a 20% discount on your software license fee, as well as additional discounts if you do business, or are considering doing business, with any other Henry Schein companies.

About the “Henry Schein MicroMD Family Plan”

In addition to your Amerinet software discount, if you are currently doing business with any one of the Henry Schein family of companies, or are considering it, you automatically qualify for the “Henry Schein MicroMD Family Plan” offered exclusively by Henry Schein MicroMD and Amerinet for purchasers of MicroMD PM and EMR software. The “Henry Schein MicroMD Family Plan” offers you additional discounts on your MicroMD PM and/or EMR purchase incentives toward the acquisition of your Henry Schein MicroMD PM and EMR software.

Henry Schein MicroMD® Family Plan PM + EMR Discounts

All qualifying Amerinet member facilities that meet the criteria outlined in our Amerinet contracted vendor agreement shall receive a software license fee discount of 20% off the Henry Schein MicroMD® published pricing. Additionally, all Amerinet member facilities may be eligible to receive an additional promotion known as the “Henry Schein MicroMD Family Plan”.

The Henry Schein MicroMD Family Plan Details

The Henry Schein MicroMD Family Plan program will award additional discounts and/or rebates to Amerinet members that are able to demonstrate a history of 12 consecutive months of purchasing products and/or services from any one of the Henry Schein Family of Companies from the date of their proposal for the Henry Schein MicroMD PM and/ or EMR software programs. The discount is also available to members willing to commit to purchasing from any of the Henry Schein Family of Companies in future months. Purchasing with any of the Henry Schein Family of Companies can be any combination of medical supplies, durable medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, or any other products/services offered by a wholly-owned subsidiary or division of Henry Schein, Inc.

In order to determine eligibility, you’ll simply need to provide “proof of purchase” to your Amerinet or Henry Schein MicroMD sales contact by generating an Accounts Payable report from your accounting system that will show amounts and “paid to” for Henry Schein companies for the period covering the previous 12 consecutive months.

The Amerinet Henry Schein MicroMD Family Plan Discount Structure

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Contact us to discuss purchasing MicroMD PM + EMR under the Henry Schein Family Plan discount.

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