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PM & EMR Solutions for All Practice Sizes | MicroMD

Solutions For All Practice Sizes

Henry Schein Medical Systems offers proven practice management, Electronic Medical Record and document management software solutions for small practices, large medical groups, community health centers and billing services.

More than 14,000 physicians trust our award-winning, stable and mature MicroMD medical systems software solutions to reduce paper-based processes, streamline workflow, improve financial performance and enhance care delivery.

Small Practices

Affordable Small Medical Practice or Software Solutions

MicroMD software can help your solo practice or small group capture all the advantages enjoyed by larger organizations with more resources.

Our practice management, EMR and document management solutions help more than 2,700 physicians schedule more daily visits; prevent medical errors; refocus staff on the most important tasks; collect reimbursement sooner; and serve patients better.

Why MicroMD Solutions?

  • Cost-effective: A modest investment with a rapid ROI, MicroMD systems are well within reach of your practice. And we offer affordable pricing models for small practices.
  • Easy-to-use: Featuring stable and mature products, MicroMD solutions are easy to implement and do not require IT staff maintenance.
  • Local support: Our products are backed by leading IT consultants, who deliver local implementation, training and support you can trust.
  • Award-winning: In peer-driven evaluations from organizations like KLAS Enterprises and the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM), MicroMD software consistently rates at or near the top.
Large Practices

Scalable Large Medical Practice Software Solutions for Physicians, MSO’s & Hospital-based Practices

MicroMD solutions are designed for physicians, MSOs, physician-hospital organizations and hospital-based practices. Our mature and proven products are scalable and can support practices with multiple locations and providers. With MicroMD EMR, you have the ability to customize medical templates at the user-level for multiple specialties.

More than 2,700 practices—representing a range of specialties—use MicroMD’s affordable, robust practice management, EMR and document management solutions to do just that.

Why MicroMD Solutions?

  • Scalable: From practice management to a combined EMR/PM solution to document management, Henry Schein Medical Systems’ scalable offerings give you options today and as you grow.
  • Powerful reporting tools: MicroMD is a mature, proven product that offers powerful reporting tools for large practices. Practices can use a wide variety of reports for accounts receivable management and statistical analysis of financial and clinical data.
  • Robust: MicroMD solutions are based on an open-architecture design that allows integration and interoperability with a wide variety of third-party systems.
  • Fortune-500 company: Backed by the stability of Henry Schein, Inc., a Fortune-500 company that has been servicing the healthcare market for 75 years, we are strategically positioned to meet our customers’ practice needs ranging from software solutions to medical practice supplies.