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Tirelessly working to increase your cash flow and decrease your liability, MicroMD and Worldpay help you accept all the latest payment options using built-in point of sale software.

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MicroMD clients can get two complimentary payment devices when you start processing with us today.

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Advantages of Integrated Payments

Easier reconciliation

Save time for office staff. Reduce duplicate accounting efforts. There’s no need to match reports from the terminal or point of sale.

Fewer errors

Improve profitability and keep customers happy by reducing duplicate transaction input errors and the risk of incorrectly entered amounts.

Dependable support

One-stop, customer support from Worldpay offered 24/7, so you can get help when you need it, helping you get back to work.

Secure payment processing tools

From chip card acceptance to point-to-point encryption to tokenization, we offer tools to help combat fraud and help protect your customers’ data as well as your business.

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