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Physician Practice Management Software | MicroMD

Medical Practice Management Software for Physicians

MicroMD® PM, one of the most reliable physician practice management software packages on the market, offers solutions across multiple specialties.

Solutions for Multiple Specialties

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)
  • Community Health Centers (CHC)
  • Multi-specialty groups
  • Physician Billing
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers
  • Anesthesia specialists
  • Ambulance services
  • And more

The powerful features of this peer-driven, physician practice management software are currently being utilized by:

  • Over 42 different medical and surgical specialties
  • Thousands of medical and surgical practitioners

MicroMD PM Is Easy To Learn and Scalable

This scalable physician practice management software is a client-server system designed to grow with your practice and can accommodate the needs of virtually any medical or surgical specialty (including the unique requirements of certain specialty practices).

MicroMD PM for FQHC and CHC Use

MicroMD PM is also the ideal physician practice management software system for community health centers that face specific billing, fee calculation, management and UDS reporting challenges—including CHCs and FQHCs.

Unique Physician Practice Management Applications

MicroMD PM offers a comprehensive suite of services including:

Patient Registration: Plus messaging, accounting, contact management, referral tracking and more.

Patient Scheduling:
Manage patient visits, appointments, waiting lists and alerts plus monitor appointment histories, referrals, precertifications.

Customized Patient Record Keeping: Customize data fields to match the pre-fined needs of your medical or surgical specialty.

Streamlined Billing:
This intuitive physician practice management software system with EMR interfacing helps accelerate payments, offering streamlined access to all charges, refunds, payment and aging.

Medical Claims Submission and Management:
Intelligent EDI solutions with patient eligibility verification, automated claims tracking, insurance payment profiling, fee updating, real-time claim status inquiries and more.

Accounts Receivable Management and Collections:
Get more control over your AR and Collections; prioritize and organize workflow to enhance revenues while utilizing web-based services with cross platform data sharing.

Management, Financial and Administrative Reporting:
Generate hundreds of reports for improved financial and operational insight.

Physician Practice Management – Other Unique Features

MicroMD PM is Portable – Using a tablet PC or hand held device, MicroMD PM allows you to access your patient information from virtually anywhere safely (you can even customize access management and security) plus perform wireless prescription writing and charge entry.

MicroMD PM Software Interfaces with Third Party Applications – MicroMD PM is an affordable physician practice management software solution with an open architecture allowing it to interface easily with many third party software systems including Microsoft® Word, Excel and Access plus hospital systems, collections, EMR systems, payers, laboratories, data management, and more.

For More Information

Visit our MicroMD Solutions page for more information on all MicroMD products includingMicroMD PM- Medical Practice Management, MicroMD EMR – Electronic Medical Records software, and MicroMD DMS – Document Management Systems.

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