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MicroMD PM Integrated Solution:




  • Reduce no-show level and maintain that reduction
  • Reduce manual labor for staff
  • Increase professional image of practice
  • Integrates with MicroMD PM to reflect reminder status


It’s an electronic messaging service that ensures you get your patients’ business. AutoRemind sends texts, emails, phone calls, and more to make sure your patients receive important messages regarding their appointments. Patients choose how they want to be contacted so you can be sure the message will be received!

What does AutoRemind do?

AutoRemind integrates its automated patient reminder software seamlessly with MicroMD PM. It confirms patient appointments, sends reminders, and records confirmation status in the MicroMD appointment book. All of this saves you time and money by helping you manage your business and gets you back to what you do best – healing.

AutoRemind helps your practice with:

  • Creating efficiency through automation and integration – no more 4-minute reminder calls
  • Increasing reliability of confirmation information
  • Reducing no-shows and cancellations by up to 57%
  • Enabling your staff to focus on other important projects

Product Details

Three Points of Contact

  • Text Messaging
  • Phone Call
  • E-mail

Customizable Messaging, 2-way confirmation option and multiple reminders per appointment

Multiple appointment handling technology to reduce reminders for back-to-back and family appointments

  • Back to Back
  • Proximity Rule
  • Family Appointments

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Adaptive Messages

  • Display the doctor
  • Display the location
  • Individual instructions
    • New patient
    • Particular treatment

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Henry Schein Medical Systems will earn a fee for purchases of the AutoRemind service by MicroMD customers.

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