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Active Maintenance

Interact with a specialist frequently through Catalyst’s active maintenance program for your contracting, credentialing, and privileging needs.

Health Plan Fee Interpretations

Avoid struggling to understand or track health plan fess schedules – catalyst will monitor allowable charges versus payments.

Assistance & Preparation

Mock audit assistance, and preparation for pending audits is available through the following accredited organizations: The Joint Commission, AAAHC, NCQA, and more.

Catalyst Consulting has been helping healthcare businesses succeed since 1998. From credentialing, contracting and opening the doors to optimizing operations that maximize efficiency and profitability, Catalyst works closely with providers and administrators throughout the US.

Hands on, Process Driven Approach

Catalyst Consulting’s healthcare contracting specialists assist your practice with outsourced credentialing, contracting, billing, and coding services. It can be difficult to navigate the contracting and billing system in healthcare, but it doesn’t have to be.

Catalyst Consulting provides the following services, and more:

New Provider Credentialing, Privileging, and Contracting


Ongoing Credentialing, Privileging, and Contract Maintenance

Fee Schedule and Billing Charges Analysis

Coding and Compliance Audits

Specialists at Catalyst step in to provide a helping hand with tasks that front office staff or practice managers may be to bogged down to handle. Some of these duties may even be out of their scope of knowledge. As your practice grows, you need a consulting group that will be able to grow and help as you do. Catalyst is that group – receive help for provider enrollment, Medicare revalidation, NPI registration, and more.

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Maximize Operational Efficiency & Profitability

Credentialing & Privileging Maintenance Program

Through this program with Catalyst Consulting, practices will receive the following services…

  • Coordination and maintenance of licensure including notification to providers before expiration of credentialing documents.
  • Maintain account with the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH).
  • Complete paperwork requests, re-credentialing, and any applications.

Primary Source Verification Services

Catalyst Consulting performs its due diligence to ensure that all provider data is verified in accordance to regulatory standards that have been set by the Joint Commission, NCQA, AAAHC, and other organizations. The following items undergo a verification process…

  • License to Practice
  • Work History
  • DEA
  • Board Certification
  • Medical Education
  • Malpractice Insurance Coverage
  • Application Processing
  • Sanctions against licensure
  • Medicare/Medicare Sanctions
  • NPDB Query
  • Malpractice Claims History
  • Hospital Affiliation Verification/Work Site Verification

Contract Maintenance Program

For practices seeking out contract maintenance services, Catalyst Consulting provides the following services…

  • Assist in maintaining contracts with commercial and government payers.
  • Continuously update billing charges and provide support to provider/practice.
  • Review of language and fee schedule during periods of new contracting.
  • Ad-hoc care support for your practices contracting needs.

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