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Sep 20

Henry Schein Medical Systems, Inc. launches new solution specifically for Urgent Care clinics – urgiCareMD

Henry Schein Medical Systems, developer of MicroMD, is pleased to announce the launch of urgiCareMD, a new solution created for Urgent Care clinics and free-standing Emergency Room departments. With Urgent Care being one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare market, we have concentrated on bringing the right solution to the Urgent Care market at the right time. We will be showcasing this new solution at our upcoming User Conference next month and are excited about this new offering and the opportunity to expand the clients we are able to serve.

Urgent Care – One of the fastest-growing segments of the healthcare system

Urgent Care is a $16 billion a year industry and is expected to grow about 3.5 percent a year for the next decade, making it one of the fastest-growing segments of the healthcare system, according to IBIS World, a market research firm. Urgent Care clinics are growing at a rate between 300 and 600 clinics each year across the nation to nearly 7,000 in existence today, according to the Urgent Care Association of America. Visits to Urgent Care clinics increased 19 percent from 2010 to 2015, going from 149 million visits to 177 million visits in 5 years.

Listening to our customers

Many of our primary and other specialty clinics are responding to this fast growing opportunity and demand of their patients to extend their services to Urgent Care clinics. After carefully studying the specialty needs of this market, we understood that a specifically designed EHR is required for our customers to meet the pressure and demands of this market.

Finding the right partner

MicroMD is partnering with edaris Health, to deliver a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based charting solution that will help Urgent Care clinicians improve workflow. The edaris Health EHR solution was developed by ER physicians to help capture, prioritize, and disseminate patient information in the Urgent Care market similar to the charting tools used by top providers in the ER (Emergency room) environment.

A unique solution – urgiCareMD

Bringing together edaris Health’s expertise in optimizing day-to-day operations with fast charting technology and MicroMD’s development of best in class practice management solutions, urgiCareMD delivers a complete and robust solution for the Urgent Care market and helps practitioners operate a more efficient practice so they can focus on providing quality patient care. edaris Health’s expertise in the development of emergency medical and Urgent Care EHR designs, coupled with Henry Schein Medical System’s leading practice management technologies and knowledge of the ambulatory clinical space, will allow us to provide technology positioned to bring speed and agility.

A comprehensive & seamless solution

urgiCareMD provides Urgent Care facilities with a comprehensive charting tool to accelerate documentation of patient care. When patient information is entered into MicroMD’s practice management software it seamlessly transitions to edaris Health’s premiere electronic clinical documentation, display, and decision support software. When checking out of the edaris Health software at the end of a visit, charges from the visit are sent back to MicroMD and a claim is generated providing a full RCM cycle solution specific to the needs of Urgent Care and free-standing Emergency Departments.

Please share this information with those you know in the Urgent Care market, and if your organization is looking to expand into this fast growing segment of business, let us show you the urgiCareMD solution and how it can meet your Urgent Care needs.

With great anticipation,
Heather Ansell

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  1. Adam
    September 20, 2016 at 7:37 pm · Reply

    I’m interested in learning more. Our 4 clinics use Micro PM and EMR and each clinic offers both PCP and UC services..

    • Admin
      September 20, 2016 at 4:04 pm · Reply

      Hi Adam! Thank you for sharing interest. I have shared your message with our staff, someone will be reaching out to you soon!

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