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Dec 02

MicroMD Patient Intake & Check-in Solution

Powered by Relatient® Patient-Centered Engagement

In Q1 of 2020, MicroMD’s new Patient Intake Solution will be available for your practice. Read on to learn how a this MicroMD-integrated solution can help you reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase patient satisfaction. MicroMD selected Relatient as their partner for patient intake earlier in 2019 in order to build-out a valuable new tool for improving the patient experience and fueling efficiency for today’s busy medical offices and clinicians.

What is Patient Intake?

Patient intake refers to the process of obtaining patient data, verifying the accuracy of the data, and initiating the beginning of a patient’s medical appointment when they arrive. The data obtained during this process feeds several downstream processes, including clinical decision making, medical claims, reimbursement, patient payments, care coordination, follow-up, preventive health, and more. Because medical errors or delays, which can be driven by bad data, often account for poor patient outcomes, it’s important that patient intake produces reliable and complete patient information that is easily accessible by a patient’s healthcare decision-makers.

Patient intake is often referred to as patient registration, but registration is really one of three major components of patient forms, insurance verification, and check-in.

Why Is Patient Intake So Valuable?

Patient intake is important because the information collected during this process impacts the billing cycle, clinical decision making, patient throughput, and staff workload. Manual patient intake processes create bottlenecks that slow patient flow, increase patient wait times, create significant manual data entry, and restrict the accessibility of patient health information.

Fixing patient bottlenecks requires a solution that can move the completion of patient forms to a pre-appointment task and can be done from a mobile device. This is why online forms, portals, and kiosks have been incapable of truly solving patient intake problems. Patients today want options that are more convenient and that allow them to engage regardless of their location or time of day.

Solving the Bottleneck

Mobile patient intake does a better job of protecting patient privacy and offers patients the convenience, self-service, and mobile access they have come to expect from their healthcare experience. Patients are often overwhelmed when navigating the healthcare journey and view delays in the office as disregard for their time and schedules.

Medical offices can leave behind traditional approaches to intake and still manage current workflows by working with MicroMD and Relatient. With MicroMD Patient Intake, the challenge of evaluating a reliable vendor and resource is solved. The Patient Intake solution includes best practice features that fit your medical office like custom forms and workflows, OCR scan, full practice management system integration, on-demand registration links, custom branding, and a user-friendly dashboard.

Why MicroMD Patient Intake

Features are only as good as the implementation, training, and support that stands behind the software and systems you choose. Relatient is an award-winning, industry-rated solution for patient engagement and patient intake. Relatient and MicroMD have been working together to deliver a truly integrated solution that enables medical offices to easily solve the challenges of patient intake with a modern, digital approach. Because the solution works within your MicroMD PM system and portal, you can be assured that the new Patient Intake solution protects your workflow and enables quick adoption by patients and staff.

While mobile patient intake can stand alone, it will yield the highest ROI when it is a piece of a larger patient engagement strategy. Because patients interact intuitively through mobile devices and text messaging, a mobile-first digital approach will do more for an organization’s no-show rate, productivity, patient satisfaction, revenue, and cost goals than voice or e-mail-only strategies.

Ready to streamline your patient intake workflow? Request your spot on the waiting list today, and we will make sure you don’t miss a beat.

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