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Quality Measure 109 Code List

Code List: Quality Measure 109, Osteoarthritis (OA): Function and Pain Assessment

MicroMD uses the following code lists to determine a patient’s inclusion in this measure.  To search for your code, simply press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, enter your code in the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Diagnosis for osteoarthritis (OA) (ICD-10-CM)M15.0, M15.1, M15.2, M15.3, M15.4, M15.8, M15.9, M16.0, M16.10, M16.11, M16.12, M16.2, M16.30, M16.31, M16.32, M16.4, M16.50, M16.51, M16.52, M16.6, M16.7, M16.9, M17.0, M17.10, M17.11, M17.12, M17.2, M17.30, M17.31, M17.32, M17.4, M17.5, M17.9, M18.0, M18.10, M18.11, M18.12, M18.2, M18.30, M18.31, M18.32, M18.4, M18.50, M18.51, M18.52, M18.9, M19.011, M19.012, M19.019, M19.021, M19.022, M19.029, M19.031, M19.032, M19.039, M19.041, M19.042, M19.049, M19.071, M19.072, M19.079, M19.111, M19.112, M19.119, M19.121, M19.122, M19.129, M19.131, M19.132, M19.139, M19.141, M19.142, M19.149, M19.171, M19.172, M19.179, M19.211, M19.212, M19.219, M19.221, M19.222, M19.229, M19.231, M19.232, M19.239, M19.241, M19.242, M19.249, M19.271, M19.272, M19.279, M19.90, M19.91, M19.92, M19.93
Encounters (CPT)99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99212, 99213, 99214, 99215