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Cloud Based Solutions – EMR/EHR + PM

A hassle-free alternative to housing your own software with service you can trust.

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Subscription Cloud Based EMR + PM Solutions

MicroMD Cloud Based EMR/EHR + PM software offers a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to housing your own server, software, and data.

Reduce spending on costly IT staff and time spent on performing necessary data backups.

Access your cloud based software anytime, anywhere. Giving you, your staff, and patients to effectively collaborate.

Experience less IT growing pains and simplify your own practice’s growing needs.

Improve your clinical and financial efficiency with our integrated cloud subscription.

“MicroMD is easy to use with lots of flexibility. You can easily create your own templates and even separate templates for different doctors/conditions/types of visits. This is also one of the easiest products to train staff on and much less complicated than the hospital-based EMR systems we considered. I can actually train a resident who is rotating with us to use this product in about 2 minutes and they are ready to assist the doctor in clinic.”

Customer since 2006 – Administrator
13 doctor, plastic surgery practice, Michigan

MicroMD EMR/EHR + PM Cloud Integrated Subscription Services


Secure Cloud Access

Provider login plus up to 4 additional logins to help you and your practice remain HIPAA compliant and keep your patient’s data safe.

Secure Data Storage

Your practice will enjoy up to 80GB of data storage with your web based EHR. Extra storage space can be purchased if necessary.

Automatic Secure Data Backup

Patient data is encrypted at rest to protect sensitive patient data and ensure speedy disaster recovery in case of unexpected emergencies.

Secure Email Addresses

Secured email addresses for providers to contact other providers for referrals or direct patient-to-provider communications.

Are you ready to implement cloud based medical software into your medical practice?

MicroMD EMR + PM offers a slew of benefits that your practice, clinicians, and patients will benefit from tenfold.



Patient Portal

MicroMD Cloud users experience free access to Henry Schein Secure Chart as an additional bonus product.

Electronic Prescriptions

Surescripts electronic prescriptions, RxHub, ePA, is included to allow physicians to electronically prescribe and check prescriptions for patients.

Integrated Faxing

Interfaxing eService is included with Cloud Subscription. It contains 1 bundle with 500 pages in/ 1 bundle 500 pages out per 1 full time provider.

Third-Party Licenses

Cloud based medical software with MicroMD Includes AMA code sets, SNOMED, First Data Bank, and more to keep your practice current and compliant.

U.S.-Based Software Support

MicroMD clients experience support via out online Help Center, phone, e-mail, live chat, and a user lounge.

Free Upgrades

Keep up-to-date with the most current version with the newest user-requested features and access functions designed to assist providers in securing incentives and bonuses, as well as meeting the ever changing regulatory requirements.

Or customize your own web-based EHR subscription with additional MicroMD eSERVICES.
Not looking for a bundled option? Contact us about standalone cloud EMR and PM software.