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Client Testimonial – Dr. David Hicks, D.O.

Narrator: Simple but powerful, MicroMD’s Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records Software and integrated automation tools are built with healthcare providers in mind. When used together they allow you to focus on patient care and better manage your clinical and financial workflows.

Dr. Hicks: Since we have been using both of them together, our collection rate is over 95 percent and our funds are collected usually within seven days. So it has increased our collections close to 20 percent, and our revenue stream probably at least 15 to 20 percent.

Narrator: This software is specially designed to integrate seamlessly with your current network, allowing you to customize it to suit your practice.

Dr. Hicks: In 2007, we started utilizing templates. We put our own templates, form templates, script templates, and customized those to meet our needs.

We also have customized a lot of the features that they have right now as far as we how we integrate with Portal.

Narrator: The Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal is flexible, two-way patient to practice communications tool that helps your staff save time. Portal utilities include: a landing page for your practice, patient home page with secure log in and inbox, customized forms, modules and the ability to upload CCD and CCR to share patient health records for providers to meet the HR incentive programs meaningful use requirements.

Dr. Hicks: I think it allows me a lot of time to spend communicating with the patient. I don’t have to focus on what I write, I can type when I’m not looking at the keyboard, it allows me some remote capabilities so that I can be not always there. It also allows me instantaneous access to the patients’ portal which has improved my patient communication dramatically.

Narrator: Above all, you have access to the quality service and support our clients have appreciated since 1982. Our support staff has expert knowledge in healthcare, financial and clinical workflows, and is committed to your success.

Dr. Hicks:I have nothing but good things to say about the support at MicroMD. In the early days it was one or two people that we communicated with. As the company has grown and the product has increased in size, I’ve never had any problem communicating with anybody here nor have I had anything but good responses as far as my needs, feature requests, and finance support.

Narrator: To learn more about how MicroMD Practice Management and EMR can help your practice call us at 1-800-624-8832, or visit us at and request a free demo of our software.